Vid Card Compatibility

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I have a computer that is just about 2 years old running with a radeon 7850 and I'm thinking about dropping in a new video card. I've been looking at a gtx 760 or 770. However I have no idea what is compatible or how to go about finding that out. This is what is currently in the case,

Asus p8z77-v lx

I-5 3570k

600w corsair gs

How do I find out what whether this motherboard will work with those cards? the power supply I suppose is easy enough to research but I did not find anything in the motherboard manual about how many pin connecters it had/required, just references to how many pci slots it had.

Any and all help would be appreciated, thanks.

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The motherboard will work with both of those cards. Video cards are pretty much standard PCI Express slots. The long, dark blue slot on your motherboard is the slot you put the graphics card into.

Although I think a 600w power supply is the bare minimum for the GTX 770. The 760 would probably work better with your power supply. It's minimum is 500w.

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Thank you jsnyder. Just stumbled on to the site which answered some of my questions better than other sites I was on.

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I think you will be fine with a 600w power supply. I am using a Corsair 600w PS and have the EVGA GTX 770 and it works great.

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just going to re-iterate what the other guys posted that you'll be fine its compatible no problem and the 600W power supply is fine as well, just make sure you have the correct 6-pin / 8-pin PCI Express connectors.

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