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I haven't been much of a PC gamer for the past 10 years or so, but I've been playing more and more on my PC lately and now I'm considering buying a new video card.  I'm not concerned about price (it's going to be a gift), however I want to make sure it will run in my current PC without needing to upgrade any other components.  What's the best possible card I can get without running into compatibility issues?

Current PC:
-  Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
-  3GB RAM
-  NVIDIA Geforce 8300 GS
-  350 watt power supply
It could run most games well enough when I first bought it, but now I'm running everything at low, and sometimes not at all.  Will I need a new power supply if I'm going to get a monster of a graphics card?

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Compatibility issues shouldn't really exist. I would assume it's using PCI-Express for the card (it would have to be pretty damn old to not be), so pretty much anything out there should be fine really. 
You will definitely need a new power supply though. Even some of the lower end budget cards wont like a 350 watt PSU.

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gtx 260 or gtx 460 ( 5830 or 5850 ATI equivalent) would be a good card for that processor, going more high end you would bottleneck it (believe me because I'm running same CPU and have a gtx 480 but my system is still struggling because the CPU is too slow for the video card, NOT OVERCLOCKED).
And yeah what vamino said, you need to update the power supply first before you get a new video card, 500watts or higher.

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Could my current power supply be limiting the performance of my current setup?  Do I need to be picky about a new power supply?  If so, any suggestions?

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@skilzlost said:
" corsairs r good u want at least 700w and thatl do you nicely id just go on and have a look corsiars r good and good effeciency and so on "
I'm looking at a 750w corsair right now.  With the rebate it'll be $90.
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also power supplies deplete in efficiency over the years so its always advisable upgrading so often, there is software programs online that can tell you how effective your psu is but id just advice upgrading if this is playing on your mind.  
350w is not very much u def want to upgrade that anyway all the time u want to put anything extra in your pc ur gona be using alot of power . i.e i should imagine your at your limits anyways id def upgrade at least to a 500 

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@Spoonman671:  750w would do most ppl the 1000w r huge so be wary the 750w i beilieve r normal size 
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I'm using a 750 watt cosair, I recommend it. Honestly if you tried to run a game with that 350 watt psu, it's going to shut down.

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