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Sorry about making another of what appears to be many threads on this topic, but I know almost nothing about computer hardware, and I would appreciate some help in choosing a video card.  Right now I'm using a  ATI Radeon HD 4350, and if the internet is to be believed this is not a very good card.  Seeing as I'm now fresh out of infinity engine games to play, I'm wondering what would be my best option for somewhere around the $200-$300 price range or lower.  Again, I know very little when it comes to computer hardware so if there's anything about my current setup that would help in advising me, just ask and I'll post it here.  Also, I'm hoping to play in 1920 x 1080.

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This is a list of video cards fastest to slowest, look at what you think you want, then google it and see its benchmarks. Done.

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If your card is as bad as you say it is you could get this for dirt cheap with a big difference. That's the card I have. It's not top of the line (Crysis is at Medium when I play) but Dragon Age is maxed out, fallout 3 is maxed out, company of heroes is maxed out, so I can't ask for much more.
And in reality there hasn't been a big PC technology in the past year or so, and probably won't be for a little bit. So you're better off sticking to the below $100 dollars instead of going for bigger price point for roughly the same thing.

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Firstly, specs are always nice. It's hard to recommend a video card if for example you have a 300W PSU and it won't even run on it or if you have a core duo that will bottleneck it. 
Secondly, right now is not the best time to get a new card as the Radeon 5000 series is in low quantities and a little overpriced, while Nvidia is a huge unknown at the moment and may offer something drastically better than what's currently available (not just as a result of regular tech progression, but because they are supposedly introducing a revolutionary new architecture for the first time in years). I would at least wait for news of the upcoming Nvidia line (say, in a month or two) before making any purchasing decisions. Specs are leaked fairly early and they're pushing for a mid-late Q2 release (Jan-Mar).  
If you really really have your heart set on getting a new card right now there's always this handy guide to look at:,2491.html

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I have a HIS 4850 and it plays all games on maxed setting at 1680x1050 without any hiccups.
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Pick up a Radeon 4890 (1gb). They retail for around 220 bucks.

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4890 or gtx 260

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@Adanux: you could pickup an ATI Hd4870, HD4890 or possibly something from the new 5000 series. Also Nvidia has some good stuff, i won't know how much a GTX 260 cost, but thats a good starting point.
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You need to make sure your power supply can handle it though. How many watts is it? Open the case and look on the top side. Then look for a box at the top of the case underneath. On the side it should have a brand name and wattage and model number. Research the model number online and find a power supply calculator and do the math. You might want to upgrade your power supply as well to make sure it doesn't die since new cards take a ton of juice when playing high intense games.

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