VOID by GamersGate

#1 Posted by Outrager (184 posts) -

So I just got an e-mail from GamersGate.com about their new service VOID.


Apparently you can play a bunch of free games by watching a 60second ad at the start. I know UBISoft tried something like this when they released FarCry and some other game for free. Has anyone tried out this service? I don't want to download it and get a bunch of spyware or something else installed with it. The game selection seems like mostly European made games.

#2 Posted by maddoktor (1 posts) -

same question. This kinda feels like spyware, is it?

#3 Posted by Arrangers (15 posts) -

I'm curious too about this VOID, but I still don't trust this thing that much. Ads before playing a game? Sounds suspicious.

#4 Posted by Snail (8690 posts) -

Not available in my country. How surprising.

I guess that validates it's authenticity somehow? Like, if it were spyware, why would it limit its own availability?

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