Want a golf game digitally on PC.

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Any suggestions? Steam pulls up like 3 games from no-name developers. Looking for anything realistic golf or minigolf would be cool too.

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In terms of realistic golf I think the only thing that approaches that is Tiger Woods games on EAs origin service. For sorta realistic golf there are a couple of free to play games that aren't terrible. One of them is Albatross 13/18. I can't remember what the number on the end is. The only really good game I would recommend no longer exists as it was a Free-to-play thing. As for minigolf I know sierra published a bunch of old minigolf games that you can probably find on Good Old Games.

If your wondering about the defunct game it was called Golf King. It was some Korean free to play golf game. I think there is another game by a company that must be similar to it but what I liked about Golf King is the same reason why I like Powerstar Golf on the Xbox One. Goofy cartoony art style with realistic plus outlandish golf courses. Basically, it straddles that realism line.

Yeah I give up. You are going to have to obtain the games your looking for some other way...

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Tiger Woods isn't on Origin oddly enough. Golf really needs to come back on PC. DCS Golf Simulator anyone?

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Golf Club Game

This game is coming out in spring. Visually looks amazing, but I hope the gameplay is great.

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there is next to no golf games anymore and I have no idea why this is but really there is only 2 golf games left and one of them isn't finished yet. The first one which isn't out yet is called "Perfect Golf" which is available through steam greenlight, but it hasn't been greenlit yet but is on the verge of being so and the steam page I don't think its gets updated very much at all, their more active on their own forums and through facebook.


Now the send one is already out, and has been out for a very long time and its free. Its a browser based golf game that is probably simply the best golf game on the PC right now with RPG elements the more you level up the more you can unlock the better golf clubs and golf balls, but it is payware (you can speed real money to buy golf clubs) or compete in a ton of competitions or take surveys to get the game currency to buy the better clubs. Its called "Wold Golf Tour" or WGT golf and for a browser game, its extremely good.


You just need to give up on all the other shit thats around like Tiggerwoods or the other crappy ass games that are on itune store of steam their just simply terrible.

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I only play fantasy golf on PC. That's Pangya A.K.A Albatross 18.

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Hook yourself up with a Neo Geo emulator and play some Neo Turf Masters. You'll be glad you did.

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@insanejedi: There is this fun game called "Golf?" that even has multiplayer.

Hard to find it because of the troublesome title but this is a link I found


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