War Inc Video Contest Live-Action

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#1 Posted by StainedpandaAlex (5 posts) -

Check out our live-action video submission for war inc.'s youtube contest. We might have more videos out soon of different sorts. Enjoy! (Sorry about bad quality, we recorded on an crappy camcorder)

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#2 Posted by shinboy630 (1340 posts) -

I think this is a prime example of youtube spam from a spam account. 1st post on that account, just a video with no real discussion. Anyway, inb4 the lock!

#3 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

Posting a YouTube video with little to no original comment is considered YouTube spam on Giant Bomb. It doesn't do anything to create discussion outside of "check out this video", and because these topics would otherwise clog up our forums, we lock them.


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