What controller do you wish/are you using to play games on pc

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Posted by futurstock (131 posts) 5 months, 28 days ago

Poll: What controller do you wish/are you using to play games on pc (132 votes)

xbox 360 pad 61%
PS4 33%
xbone 5%
#1 Posted by futurstock (131 posts) -

well apparently i pressed enter while inputting poll options, and now i don't know how to edit it :[

it was supposed to have Dualshock 3 and good ol' Mouse & Keyboard options

#2 Edited by GunslingerPanda (4687 posts) -

360 pad for anything where keyboard and mouse don't work well, though I wish I had the ability to use anything else.

#3 Posted by BeachThunder (11793 posts) -

Good ol' Mouse & Keyboard

#4 Posted by gokaired (518 posts) -
#5 Posted by Kidavenger (3526 posts) -

Split pretty even between 360 pad and keyboard. I'm not a big fan of the 360 controller, but it just works with pretty much everything.

#6 Posted by futurstock (131 posts) -

having not got the chance to hold either new controller, i was originally planning on getting xbone (it will probably be the most stable/out of the box) but the consensus seems that people (brad & patrick) prefer the ps4 controller (with some kind of xinput wrapper)

it's a bummer that there is no official support for PS4 & Xbone controllers...yet?
(i read it was supposed to come in jan. 2014 but...i guess that was delayed)
but when there is, what gamepad do you plan on using?

#7 Edited by believer258 (11771 posts) -

There's supposed to be a PS4 controller driver somewhere, though not an official one. I'll move up to that someday. A few months ago I bought a 360 controller, though, and it works without any issue so I'll use it.

But guys... that PS4 controller I held in Best Buy was pretty good. It's a huge improvement over the not-great DS3. I don't want to call the DS3 uncomfortable, but it never really felt right.

#8 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (380 posts) -

When I'm not using my mouse/keyboard, I'm using a Razer Onza 360 controller I got for hella cheap. It's useable, but I'm jumping ship as soon as there is official support for the DualShock 4 or XONE controller. I know there are third-party drivers that get the DS4 working with xinput, but I really don't feel like dealing with that kind of stuff.

#9 Posted by DEFE (237 posts) -

It varies for me. For faste-paced first person games I generally prefer the 360 controller since I'm more comfortable with it. Mouse and keyboard for most other first person games since I prefer not to fiddle with a controller while at a desk. For 2D games that ask for a lot of precision (Meat Boy and Rogue Legacy, for example), I bluetooth a Wii Remote with a Classic Controller plugged in, and it works quite nicely.

And of course, my homemade Divekick controller for Divekick.

#10 Posted by dodgyc (69 posts) -

Switched to a PS4 controller and have been happily using that for a few months.

For anyone interested, the DS4 Driver is here

Lets you use the DS4 touchpad as a mouse, so you can control some of those Steam partial controller support games from a sofa without needing a wireless mouse, so an added bonus.

However, I never seemed to naturally memorise the layout of the Xbox 360 buttons (ABXY and their colours/locations) so I still have to keep a little post it note on my monitor to help when playing games that have onscreen prompts. Too many years only playing SNES games and Playstation games I guess.

#11 Edited by futurstock (131 posts) -

it took me forever to untrain my brain from " □ ○ △ x " of the psx/ps2 era, just a couple months ago i started being able to do xbox button prompts without that halfsecond freakout and looking down.

so in a way, im excited to go back to a ps4 controller for pc, seems like the driver support is getting pretty solid, if nothing else its a nice change from the 360 pad ive been using for years

no love for the xbox one controller, does it feel bad in the hands?

#12 Edited by Ezekiel (394 posts) -

PS3 controller, but I try to play with a mouse and keyboard whenever it is ideal.

#13 Posted by bigjeffrey (4904 posts) -

Xbox 360 Controller still trucking. I'll ditch the 360 once the PC drivers for the Xbox One come out.

#14 Posted by bybeach (4770 posts) -

360 controller and K+M. Besides not having a convenient choice, I rather like how the sticks are on the 360, but it's not a biggie. PS3 however is uncomfortable in fit and finish. I am looking forward to the new Sony controller, wherever I use it.

#15 Posted by Vuud (1944 posts) -

I just bought one of these on Amazon, I don't really know why. I remember reading about this in a magazine years ago and now I just knew I had to have one.

#16 Posted by crusader8463 (14419 posts) -

Mouse & Keyboard

#17 Posted by TobbRobb (4587 posts) -

What game? I usually stick with M+KB and plug in my PS3 controller when it feels appropriate. PS4 one looks good, we'll see about that later.

#18 Posted by ChaosDent (234 posts) -

I usually play games that are some combination of strategy, first person shooter and RPG, which work great with a keyboard and mouse. I still use a DualShock 3 when a controller is necessary. I'll be getting a Steam Controller when it comes out to replace it.

#19 Posted by bau (13 posts) -

I wish they could release the drivers for the Xbone controller.. i really want to upgrade my xbox360 controller..

#20 Edited by Zirilius (607 posts) -

I'll continue using my Razer Onza Tournament until it dies.

#21 Posted by _Dad (41 posts) -

I mainly use keyboard and mouse, but I do use a Logitech F310 when needed. I had a 360 controller but it died very quickly.

#22 Edited by Octavian123 (6 posts) -

I was used to M&KB but i found a cheap-ass ACME GS-03 in a store and recently got "initiated" in the controller business. I've had it for two weeks now and I can't ever imagine going back to a M&KB. I'm thinking of getting a 360 controller in a couple of weeks. I'll come back with my "experience" then.

#23 Posted by Karkarov (3054 posts) -

I am using a 360 pad on the games I like controller for because the drivers and support for PS4 is very spotty right now. Borderlands 2 will actually crash if you try to play it with a PS4 in, but skyrim works okay. I am hoping once the dudes working on it fix up the drivers better I can just switch to the ol Dualshock though. It is a better controller.

#24 Posted by Scampbell (496 posts) -

PS3 through bluetooth, at least in games where mouse and keyboard isn't appropriate.

#25 Edited by VACkillers (1060 posts) -

For me personally its PS4 controller....Always loved the PS controller from PS1 and the innovations for the design I think are better for me, just feels so much more comfortable then an xbox controller and I prefer the layout, never liked the xbox'x placement for the D-pay. Feels un-natural.

#26 Posted by Monkeyman04 (1042 posts) -

For some games I use a mouse and keyboard. For others I use a Logitech Dual Action.

#27 Edited by MikeJFlick (441 posts) -

I use my PS3 controllers, I don't see why that isn't an option on this poll though so I voted PS4.

#28 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1783 posts) -

Not sure what the point of this topic is. Its a PC, you can use all three choices at will.

#29 Posted by futurstock (131 posts) -

@shadowskill11: its more hypothetical, as far as i know no one can use the new xbox controller on pc, but if you could then would you? (ive seen a video of some dude getting it to light up or something)

everyone has been using the 360 pad for years, but what will everyone be using in 2 years?

#30 Posted by Coafi (1483 posts) -

PS3 it connects easily with Mac, so there.

#31 Posted by Amafi (629 posts) -

Got 3 360 pads and no 360 and a single DS4 and no ps4. For stuff that plays best with d-pad I obviously go with the ds4, for multiplayer stuff I tend to just have everyone go with 360 pads.

For fighting games I obviously use my fight stick, unless it's dive kick, because with that I obviously use my home made kickbox. And I've got a saitek X52 HOTAS for flight/space sims.

LOVE the DS4. Ridiculously good controller.

#33 Edited by Atwa (617 posts) -

I am using the PS3 controller, but I wish I could get my Wii U pro controller working cause I think that is the best gamepad that exists.

#34 Posted by crithon (3111 posts) -

PS3, PS2 and dreamcast controllers.

I use these simple USB adaptor, I've been using them for fighting games since the sega saturn when we have friends who don't use the same fighting stick but then are too used to their own sticks. Then got them for PC about 17 years ago and haven't looked back since. I don't mind re-calibrating or remapping controls.

#35 Posted by trotoise (34 posts) -

@crithon: Yeah, the only reason I stopped using my Dualshock 2 for PC gaming was that I needed analog triggers to play Trials. Switched to a Dualshock 3 when that came out even though I've never owned a PS3, just because it's actually a lot more convenient IMO than a 360 pad, which you either have to get the wired model, or try to find a non-bootleg wireless dongle. The DS3 works wired or wireless with a cheap bluetooth adapter. Then I got a Dualshock 4 when the PS4 came out just to get in on some next-gen excitement since I won't be getting an actual console. I find it a very nice improvement over the previous ones and I just use x360ce to wrap xinput, so I haven't had to mess with any of the unofficial drivers.

#36 Posted by Rowr (5520 posts) -

Anyone have any great suggestions? My xbox/pc wired batarang controller is almost ready for replacement.

#37 Posted by ghostyTrickster (287 posts) -

PS3 controller isn't an option!

PS3 had the best controller of last gen and I play everything with it.

#38 Edited by ZolRoyce (651 posts) -

Xbox360 controller for any game that feels better with pad controls, or just if I'm being lazy.
Mouse and Keyboard For everything else.

@vuud said:

I just bought one of these on Amazon, I don't really know why. I remember reading about this in a magazine years ago and now I just knew I had to have one.

What even is that? Have you used it yet?

#39 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5364 posts) -

I've been using my PS4 controller for all my Pc gaming and it's been great.

#40 Edited by GaspoweR (2937 posts) -

I actually thought that this was a pure controller/gamepad on PC question since M/KB is kind of available by default anyway.

I tend to play more controller friendly games like MGR:Revengenace, DMC, Assassin's Creed, Super Meat Boy, Strider, etc. with my Wireless 360 controller. Though if it has a competitive aspect and I need more precision in aiming like in a FPS or its played better with more shortcut keys like with FP RPGs such as Elder Scrolls for example, then its KB/M.

#41 Posted by spraynardtatum (2779 posts) -

My wired 360 controller died (as well as my 360) and so now I'm just using kb&m. I'd like to get my PS4 controller hooked up to it though. How involving is the set up for anyone that knows? Would my dumb little head be able to figure out how to make it go?

#42 Posted by Vuud (1944 posts) -

@zolroyce: That, buddy, is a MonsterGecko PistolMouse. A very very very dumb idea that premiered about 10 years ago. I bought one just because I had to have it. I did try playing with it, and it's alright. It has some problems, 1 you have to make sure you are positioned just right at your desk or it's uncomfortable to use, 2 it's only 800 DPI, and 3 the trigger is way too loose. You have to pull it all the way back to click which is frustrating in the heat of a firefight. Like a lot of controllers it's just trying to build a better mouse trap, and I just like it for the novelty.

#44 Posted by Jesus_Phish (665 posts) -

I mostly play with KB+M but when I do use a controller it's an old weird 360 pad that's already hooked up into the PC.

#45 Posted by TooSweet (381 posts) -

I'd love to use my SNES controllers.

#46 Posted by SomeJerk (3203 posts) -

There will be no Xbox One controller drivers because MS are looking to make more money selling Windows PC dedicated special Xbox One controllers instead. MS have presented subpoenas to at least one driver author who presented himself as working on it with the intention to release the drivers for free so far and I wish this was a joke.

The DS4 is plug and play with several modern games with no need for drivers which is a holyshit. Could Sony make official steady drivers? Yeah. Would it be worth their time? Not really. Do they care? A little but not enough.

#47 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1414 posts) -

I mainly use Keyboard and mouse for most of my PC gaming, but when I'm playing a game that really needs a controller I use my wireless 360 controller (the one with the twisty dpad). I kind of want to use my PS4 controller for my PC, but I don't want to jump through any hoops. I just want to plug it in and play.

#48 Posted by Teoball (588 posts) -

I'd prefer using a dualshock 3 or 4. I am using a wired 360 controller cause it's the easiest and all the button prompts shows 360 buttons.

#49 Posted by Belegorm (396 posts) -

Mouse and keyboard for most of my games, dualshock 1 for stuff with analogue sticks, snes controller for stuff which isn't.

#50 Edited by Darji (5294 posts) -

If I use a controller I will use my dualshock. Sadly most games only support it with an 360 emulator so the button prompts always are a bit conflicting for me..

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