What game to buy? (for pc of course)

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so help me out to me both games look interesting and i'm tired of buying incredibly main stream games so help me out GB
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What are your preferences...Indigo Prophecy peaked my interest a bit more in the quick look, Cryostasis looks neat but some of the mechanics seem like they could become really annoying perhaps, also it's much buggier (going off what Dave and Vinny have said about it).

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@pwnasaurus said:

"i'm tired of buying incredibly main stream games"

*high five*
Anyways, my vote goes to Cryostasis. It's a nice mind fuck.
I did not have a great experience with Indigo Prophecy. That opening stuff shown in the Quick Look is awesome. Then it turns into QTE Hell. In the Quick Look, note the part when the cop is at the door and it shows these Simon Says style lights on the screen. Those are directions for each analog stick and yes they need to be pressed in different directions and quickly. Why did they appear? What "action" was the main character doing? He was having a panic attack or something. QTEs for that? Really?
Not too far into the game there's a scene where you're listening to a doctor talk about the murder victim and those QTE's appear again. WHY? Apparently you have to mash buttons to comprehend what they're saying. If you don't, you get depressed and commit suicide. Great. :|
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Not played Cryostasis but the Quick Look was great. Indigo Prophecy unfortunately devolves into one of the biggest mindfucks of last gen. And yes it's a QTE nightmare. So i'd pick Cryostasis. If you do decide to buy IP, be sure to pick up the European version called Fahrenheit, as the US version is censored. If you own a PS3 you should check out their new game, Heavy Rain, which is out in February and looks much better.

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Indigo Prophecy is like the Matrix trilogy in one game.

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After the quicklook for Cryostasis I picked it up.  And I've owned Indigo Prophecy for quite some time.
They both have their flaws.  Indigo Prophecy does devolve into "do a quicktime event to scratch yourself."  Cryostasis is a little broken game play wise.  Everything about it just feels a little off.  Still, both are great games if you can look past the flaws.  My vote goes to Cryostasis.  As Indigo Prophecy has one of the most disappointing last halves ever.  It's definitely not a bad game.  And you should pick it up later just because it's so interesting.  But go with Cryostasis first.  And make sure you have a good rig.  It's not optomised that well.

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Indigo Prophecy...I just re-ordered it cause Ive been itching to play it again for years

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well gee guys finally some feed back! thank you, i have a fairly good rig except my 8800gtx recently pooed the bed and decided to fry so i have a less than fantastic gpu right now is cryostasis really that badly optimized? also is cryostasis so buggy its broken? or is it fine enough to play with the occasional annoyance
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As I've said before, Cryostasis is all you'll ever need. Though Farenheit is good if you're playing with a controller plugged in.
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thank you for the link slippy i got a paper to write right now so i might aswell be downloding something and wow thats amazing i hope my poor lil gpu can handle this thing god do i miss me 8800gtx
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Cryostasis...IP isn't that good in the latter half. 

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Indigo Prophecy. It's a great game.

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holy crap cryostasis is TERRIBLE in running well i mean gee its time for me to spend some cash after christmas after witnassing the slide through my computer went through it was depressing knowning that my pc isnt what it used to be looks like IP is going to win this one on sheer abilitiy to play the games and jesus i thought my pc was considered a gaming one i mean it can run all new games fine batman arkham among others but this really opened my eyes well time to spend more money on the ol pc new GPU more RAM and windows 7 time me thinks
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@Slippy said:
" @pwnasaurus:  
As far as performance goes, Cryostasis is the new Crysis - no joke. 
Here's a demo!  http://www.gamershell.com/download_44390_start.html
Is that the tech demo / benchmark, or did they release a playable demo?  The tech demo runs way better than the real game.
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@Diamond said:
" @Slippy said:
" @pwnasaurus:  
As far as performance goes, Cryostasis is the new Crysis - no joke. 
Here's a demo!  http://www.gamershell.com/download_44390_start.html
Is that the tech demo / benchmark, or did they release a playable demo?  The tech demo runs way better than the real game. "
Playable demo. Its performance is absolutely horrendous on my Radeon 4890. There's nothing that vindicates it either -  it's just bad coding.
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I'd be a bit weary of what the controls for Indigo Prophecy are like on a PC.

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@rjayb89 said:
" Indigo Prophecy is like the Matrix trilogy in one game. "
Wow. No kidding aside, that's the best description of Indigo Prophecy I've ever heard before. Yeah, it's amazing for the first half, then the story goes haywire.
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