What's wrong with my PC...?

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Hey, duders. There's something strange happening with my PC. [or happened? It may be fixed? Idk?]

Last Monday, I was playing FIFA 14 offline. Whilst in the middle of the match I was playing, my PC went into a hard freeze and I had to shut it off via the power button. When I went to turn it back on, I could not obtain a signal on my monitor. I walked away from it for 15-20 minutes, then, once again, tried again. I was able to boot into Windows for maybe two minutes, before getting a BSOD [I didn't even know those existed in Windows 7!] and then back to square one.

I couldn't get anything to work on Tuesday.

Today, however, when I started it up, there was a signal and Windows prompted me to go into Startup Repair. I restored back to a previous point, and now everything [seems to be] working just fine. Initially, I was thinking my PSU had gone faulty, but now everything functions just fine. No noticeable lag, no real issues, and the PC seems to be running at a normal temperature [about 37 degrees C]. Thoughts?

EDIT: About 20 minutes after this post, simply clicking to open Tweetdeck caused this to happen again. No signal to PC, and now my keyboard and mouse don't seem to be getting power...

Probably time to buy a new PSU?

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PSU could be packing it in or possibly the video card. If the system is modern enough on the Intel side try taking out the video card and running of the integrated GPU for a little while and see how it holds up.

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Actually that looks like overheating. What are the temps on load? BSOD nowadays is most certainly hardware related.

If it was your PSU you probably wouldn't even be able to turn on your pc at all.

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What power supply do you have in there now?

Can you get SMART diagnostic information off your hard drive? Speedfan will do it for you, I'm not sure if it tries to install the Adobe Java Toolbar Sponsored by Banzai Buddy and Gator, so I'd keep an eye out.

How old is your computer? Do you happen to know the maker/brand of the motherboard? Do any of your caps look like this?

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just why would no signal to your monitor make you suspect a psu? it sounds like a graphics card problem

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i agree sounds like an overheating problem, may not be the CPU, perhaps the GPU or it could even be like @zelyre suggested and could be an issue with your motherboard. Check your caps like he said. If any of them are swollen or not perfectly flat on top that could be your issue. Check out HWMonitor for gathering info on your temps and have that program write to a txt file on your hard drive so you can go back to it when a crash occurs.

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Another quick update and a couple answers:

I attempted to clean my PC with compressed air and removed a significant amount of dust. Was able to boot back into Windows for about 5 minutes, then received a memory management BSOD and am now back to square one.

Specs wise, I'm using the following:


Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 3055t @3.0GhZ

Video: 1GB EVGA GTX 460 SE


not sure if you need HDD info?

This build is 3 years old, and I was planning on upgrading within the next year.

I believe I'm using a 550 or 600W PSU, but the reason I think the issue lies there is that when there's no video out, none of my USB devices appear to be powered, either... No keyboard, no mouse, nothing. If it were a CPU/GPU failure, the machine wouldn't work at all... I just think there's issues powering the PC itself

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Can you take a picture of the PSU, or get a model number and make?

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i have a similar processor (Phenom II x4 965 black ed.) and with the stock AMD cooler it ran hot a lot. It's possible that over time, your thermal paste has dried up and maybe the heatsink and fan just aren't doing as good of a job as they once were. try removing the heat sink from the processor and cleaning both off with isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip. Then reapply the paste making a dab about the size of a grain of rice on it and letting the pressure of the heatsink and processor meeting distribute the paste.

If the CPU overheating IS the cause of the issue, consider this as a permanent solution as AMD's stock coolers are garbage.

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Its the PSU almost a certainty that.. I've had this very issue several times in my time I've been working with PCs (20 yrs) and its almost a PSU pretty much every time, what gives it away is the fact that the machine will actually turn it self back on again after you leave it for hours or what have you, initially runs fine and then fucks up. It can't be the CPU fan because your idol temps are more than adequately in good temp range. People might think its not a PSU issue because it powers on, but just coz its powers on doesn't mean its actually giving any power to anything which I think is whats happening in your case dude.

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Yea my bets on the PSU and secondary the Video Card. Get a new PSU I recommend finding a good one off newegg.com. We gamers burn through PSU's every 2-3 years. A good one should last you at least 3 years.

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wouldn't mind an update on this problem seems it was over 10 days ago since the original post, be interested to see if you fixed or found the problem.

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