What should I upgrade my amd fx 6100 cpu to?

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I recently got some money and am planning to upgrade my cpu but I am not sure which one to buy. I really want to get better performance on battlefield 4 and also skyrim. Most games I play on 1600 by 900 resolution on High settings with shadows on medium. Currently in Battlefield 4 I am enjoying an improvement in frames per second, more than I did in the last game. I get anywhere from 35 to 70 fps with the average being 47. However, I do feel that sometimes the game is choppy and If my fps was higher I would be having much more fun in the game and If I could run the game on ultra settings that would look so much better with the new 1080p monitor I just ordered. In skyrim I enjoy using the various graphical mods but the performance is altered with them on as my fps goes down to 25. With no mods on I get fps from 45 to 60 on high settings with some on ultra. I really would want to make skyrim as graphically beautiful as possible and hope to buy a cpu that can handle that.

edit: If I wait for Black friday would I be able to get a really good deal on a cpu and motherboard combo?? My current motherboard would not be able to handle a cpu better than the fx 6100, it would probably fry it.

My computer:

MSI 970 g46 motherboard

amd fx 6100 cpu

8 gb of ram

Sapphire radeon 7950 3gb graphics card

CoolerMaster 550 watt power supply

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Just get an Intel part. Spend $220 if you want to run Battlefield 4 properly, or splurge on the $300 part if you want to feel secure and future proofed. The i5 is a gaming chip, the i7 has "hyper threading," or making a four core CPU run like an 8 core. Most games do not take advantage of hyper threading but they might in the future... might being the main word there. The "K" at the end of CPU name means that the CPU is 'unlocked," and is only worth the extra money if you plan to overclock your CPU. Plus, if you get a good deal on an older part, buy it. There is very little difference in gaming performance if you buy a chip that is two years old now. Hell, according to TomsHardware.Com, there is is less than a 5fps average difference between the i5-2500k and the i5-4670k (equivalent chips three generations apart).

Edit: Some skyrim mods destroy even the most beefy PC's. My PC dwarfs yours and it gets around 40fps with an ENB , HD textures, weather, and better flora mods enabled.

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I believe Skyrim in particular does not do well with AMD CPUs for some reason.

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Got no issues with Skyrim myself and using a super old AMD Phenom II X6 CPU. This really just simply down to how much you can afford, if you can afford going for an intel i7 ivy bridge or something then go with that, otherwise an AMD 8350 is simply awesome and completely under-rated and something I would reccomend for its price, and when you next upgrade from that, its not like you spent a shit ton on the cpu... cost effective.

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