When did devs forget about LAN gaming?

#1 Posted by JoeH (213 posts) -

Remember the good old days, when you bought a CnC game and you were given two CDs, with LAN gaming in mind. Nowadays I find myself using complicated and sometimes slightly less than legal means just to get the game working LAN.

When did devs forget about LAN gaming? Theres somethign to be said for the 2 PC player experience, two amigos sitting on opposite sides of the room frantically clicking away attempting to outwit each other. It's an experience that devs are abandaning for online paly. But theres something that just isnt the same online, online seems so impersonal. LAN gaming is just about you and your mate having a laugh, whereas online play has mutated to a swirling vortex of team killing, cheating and spawn camping.

So what do you guys think? Miss LAN? Don't really care?

#2 Posted by mrhankey (782 posts) -

I don't miss lans because i still have them from time to time.
Often my friends and i will gather at one persons house and play an online game together, UT3, TF2, CoD4 are the shooters we play together. It's like LAN gaming except we still have the internet as our playground, except it's more personal and rewarding because we're in the same room. Now the RTS, the ultimate LAN Experience is still there, with World in Conflict, CoH, and Dawn of War my friends and i also play this at each others respective houses. We don't connect to the internet it's just us four and a game/s.

Now with that said i think most RTS games and UT series is designed with this in mind, just your friend needs to go buy the game. Now i think Valve's L4D will be the next big LAN game....except once again you'll need to go out and buy the game.

#3 Posted by xruntime (1980 posts) -

I agree, but for most people, LAN has been replaced by consoles.

I play Madden and Fifa a lot on LAN with friends.

#4 Posted by Colonel_Cool (827 posts) -

It's nice that most games don't require multiple CD-keys for LAN gameplay. All that's required for most games is just downloading a no-cd exe crack for both computers so you don't need discs. What I would really like to see more of though is more focus on coop modes, since coop is a blast with a friend on LAN.

#5 Posted by MB (14017 posts) -

LAN play is going the way of split screen.  It just isn't in high enough demand to spend valuable development time on it. 

#6 Posted by Nom4d (8 posts) -

Co-op over LAN has to be the best thing ever in PC gaming if you ask me. It's fun to work together with a friend to achieve a goal while shouting ideas orders and insults at each other through the room. It's what makes gaming fun and intense. Though I'm not sure what OP is referring to with devs forgetitng about LAN games. If a game has multiplayer, it usually has an option to play over LAN as well. If it's about the two CD's thing. Well, I'm not sure of how legal it is (pretty legal I think) but just install the game twice and get a no-cd crack from the intarwebs. I know you're at least allowed to do that for 1 copy if you own the game. Can't be sure about two installs, one copy of the game though. *shrugs*

Speaking of Co-Op. Left 4 Dead! *runs off screaming*

#7 Posted by CynageN (1205 posts) -

I think the games that have any business with a LAN feature generally do have it. It's true that it doesn't exist in every title released like it almost used to, but I can't really think of a game released in the last 3 or 4 years that should have had LAN that did not already have it.

#8 Posted by zeus_gb (634 posts) -

Lan multiplayer is still around but it's been taking a back seat since internet connections got faster.

#9 Posted by Bucketdeth (8234 posts) -

Yeah the new Lan is pretty much either playing online or Co-op. I still love to play Diablo 2,Starcraft,Warcraft 3 and TF2 on lan from time to time.

#10 Posted by vash47 (22 posts) -

I play on a LAN every sunday, when my family comes to my house, though we are restricted to very old games, because the other computer is really old, I don't think devs forgot about but have in mind it's really hard to do unless it's a LAN party, considering the requeriments of modern games, it is hard to get at least two computers that run said game without dropping some big bucks first.

#11 Posted by Tordah (2558 posts) -

I agree with Nom4d, LAN gaming is totally awesome. Wether you're playing co-op in a FPS game or trying to outwit each other in a RTS or working together to beat the computer it's always fun. Playing on the internet is just awful in comparison. I wish more games had LAN capabilities and Co-op modes. *shakes angry fist at Painkiller*

The problem with LAN is as previously mentioned that every player needs to own a copy of the game most of the time or you have to do unlegal things to get things up and running, which I admit I do. Different computer specs is another issue that always causes grief sooner or later when you notice that that particular game is too demanding for one computer while the other one is running it perfectly.

#12 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

LAN games are an absolute blast! used to do it all the time with my friends, but yes one of the major problems i've come across is that everyone must own a copy of the same game as people have already said. The original C&C games came with 2 disks, GDI campaign on one disk, and the NOD on the other, but both disks worked over a network, wish more would do that. That way you dont  have to buy the game twice just to play on a lan with a friend or something.

So long as they never forget LAN stuff with games im good to go :)  coz lans are awesome heh

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I just had an intense RA2 match over LAN...woot woot...of course I won.

That said, I think online is just as good, you could never hold 64 ppl lan parties at your house, but LAN gives you the benefit of being able to actually talk to people in the same room.

#14 Posted by Black_Raven (1764 posts) -

The problem for me is trying to find someone who likes the games i do...

#15 Posted by BiggerBomb (7012 posts) -

When they realized that not many people care about it. They could spend their time elsewhere, apparently. I never got into LAN tbh.

#16 Posted by VACkillers (1175 posts) -

i like the social gathering of LAN parties.... and holding mini tournaments and stuff.... nothing beats a good game UT deathmatch and smack talking to all the people you just did numerous ammounts of headshots to! lol

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