Where should I put my ATI video driver files?

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I'm always hesitant to update my graphics drivers as i'm pretty nooby when it comes to tech. What isn't helping is that I have no idea where my ATI drivers should go. I'm running Vista 64 bit and I have a bunch of different folders spread across, program files, program files x86, and my main hard drive directory. All filled with variations of the same files. I want to start cleaning that stuff up, so, to ATI graphics card owners, where should I be installing my driver files?

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They put themselves in the correct place. If you dont know much about PC's you shouldn't be moving any of that stuff.

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ATI driver installers come packaged in a self extracting archive, when you run them the first directory prompt (usually defaults to C:\ATI\....) is for where to unzip the installer. The installer then runs from that directory and puts folders in program files and program files x86.

You can safely delete the C:\ATI folder after the install is complete. If you want to uninstall everything and then manually clean up program files of ATI rubbish, run AMD Catalyst Install Manager (found in Control Panel -> Programs and Features [or Add Remove Programs on XP]) and choose to express uninstall all ATI software. You can then install the latest driver from a clean system.

When installing the driver, choose a custom install and disable all the shit you don't need (e.g. the HDMI audio drivers if your monitor doesn't support it)

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just double klick the installation file you get from amd's website.

then klick next next next next next next untill it is installed.

that is all you need to know if you are unsure.

if you want to get "advanced", check custom install instead of normal when it gives you that question.

that will give you the option of selecting which driver-components to install.

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