Which is your favorite out of the differnet video game genres?

Posted by gaurus (5 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: Which is your favorite out of the differnet video game genres? (59 votes)

Action 7%
Action-adventure 14%
Adventure 3%
Role-Playing 59%
Simulation 3%
Strategy 14%
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#2 Posted by StarvingGamer (8608 posts) -

I dunno, everything is an RPG nowdays innit?

Mass Effect 3 is an RPG. Diablo 3 is an RPG. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is an RPG. Persona 4 Golden is an RPG. Fire Emblem: Awakening is an RPG.

#3 Posted by Itwongo (1276 posts) -

Mmm.... very hard to decide.

I play a lot of games based on how I'm feeling. To pick one favorite..... Okay, if I had to pick one genre to play for the rest of my life, stuck on an island, etc etc, I would pick....

....Role-Playing. It can take on so many different forms and moods and styles, it would just be the optimal choice. It's the carpet-bomb of game genres.

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i dunno what action/action adventure/adventure MEANS. Most games are packed with action and consist of going on adventures.

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Turn based rpgs.

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i dunno what action/action adventure/adventure MEANS. Most games are packed with action and consist of going on adventures.

Call of Duty / Tomb Raider / LA Noire

#7 Posted by MonetaryDread (2202 posts) -

I put almost 700 hours into Disgaea 2 on PSP. I have played fallout 3/New Vegas each 4 times to completion. I have beat Chrono Trigger over thirty times. I guess I prefer games that have numbers.

#8 Posted by warpr (91 posts) -

Open world.

#9 Edited by Seppli (10250 posts) -
  • Rockstar's brand of open world games.
  • DICE's brand of openish sandboxish combined arms online multiplayer first person shooters.
  • Bioware's brand of chose-your-own adventure RPGs.
  • Criterion's brand of fast and furious car racing.
  • Blizzard's brand of minutia and care and flair, regardless of what they're doing.
  • Might and magic realtime combat as seen in games like Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma.
  • XCOM's brand of management.

I voted simulation, because I enjoy good dynamic simulations in any genre. It's a cop-out, I know. An amalgamation of all of the above would be quite neat. I guess GTA V is going to be as close as it gets in that regard. So somewhat prematurely - GTA V is the perfect example of my favorite genre. Respectively The Witcher 3, if we're talking might & magic-style core gameplay and fantasy setting.

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No love for the survival-horror on the poll? that just hurt my feelings.....

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@jouseldelka: Action games include these:

1. Ball and paddle

2. Beat 'em up and hack and slash

3. Fighting game

4. Maze game

5. Pinball game

6. Platform game

#12 Posted by gaurus (5 posts) -

@falserelic: Action/adventure genre include these:

1.Stealth game

2. Survival horror

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I love role-playing games, but I can't get through many of them historically because their stories quickly blend together and become the same game with different sprites. That being said, when I find one that breaks the mold or at least cloaks itself enough for me to not realize it's the same ol' thing... well, I devour it.

I loved Ni No Kuni for this because it blended a lot of things.

However, action-adventure is my favorite because they are fun to play, have a story, and honestly are just well made lately.

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Fighting games.

#15 Posted by Turambar (6925 posts) -

Turn based tactics games.

#16 Posted by Donkeycow (558 posts) -

Crap, this is a hard question to answer, i'm going to vote for RPG's but it could very well be strategy games.

#17 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (3807 posts) -

"open-world games"

#18 Posted by Ares42 (2815 posts) -

It's hard to say, a lot of games I enjoy tend to mix and match a bit. However, when looking at my favorite games over the last few years it's pretty apparent that I love the shit out of open-world games.

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I think I get the most out of rpgs, especially non action ones. I love loot, realized game worlds, interesting characters, good story lines, and non stressful combat...generally the Bethesda games are closest to my ideal game.

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I picked strategy, I like my C&C's, my supreme commanders, Anno 2070, Dawn of discovery, Total wars, Planetary Annihilation, Imperium Galactica II.... just cannot beat a good strategy game when its done well :D

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