Windows Live ID problems (need advice)

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Hey All,

I would post this on a Microsoft site, but because of the nature of my problem, I can't post to them unless I made a new ID. I'm hoping someone here has been through something similar and can tell me what to do.

I tried to sign into my Windows Live ID (attached to my Xbox live ID as well), and got a message that I could not sign in because my account was associated with spam or something. They have a button offering to send a password reset to your e-mail account; the problem is that I haven't had that e-mail address in years. I was able long ago to set a secondary e-mail address to my current address, so usually e-mails reach me, but these reset e-mail do not. I can't find anywhere to submit a question since I can't use my ID. All I really want is a phone number to call to talk to a human and get it sorted out, but I can't find that either. Hoping my GB community could help me out with some information. Thanks!

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At this point, your best bet is probably to get in touch with Microsoft support and explain what's going on. If your account has been flagged as a spammer for whatever, they're the only ones who will be able to get that reset.

I'd probably just do what the guy in this thread did. It looks like he was in the same boat.

On a related note, what's with people wanting support via phone? 99% of the time it is NOT easier than getting things done through email.

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The problem is I can't even post on their boards, everything requires a log in. That's why ultimately a phone is the way to get things done; when this breaks like this, I am basically helpless until I can explain it to a human.

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Make a new ID with a throwaway address to post on the Answers board, duder.

With phone support, you'll be on hold for 1+ hours, probably be transferred a dozen times, have to explain your issue in detail to every single person you talk to, and probably get hung up on in the end. At least that was my experience with contacting MS regarding my Live account. Three days later, I finally got it straightened out, but save yourself the hassle if there's any way at all you can avoid it :/

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