Wireless Gaming Headset Needed

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Hey guys,

I've spent a long time now on google, trying to find the ideal headset, but I'm still unsure, since often stuff isn't clear or contradicts itself.

I need a wireless headset that:

A. Can be used as a headset on PC, where I can voice chat through it.


B. Works as headphones using auxiliary input, so it can get the sound of my amplifier to it, where my consoles are connected to.

Therefore it should have a little station that pumps out the audio signal from the connected cables and receives the voice.

Ideally it also uses batteries that can be charged by a micro USB cable or so, but that is not super important.

I haven't found a single one that fits both criteria, do any of you duders use one like this? Price is not super important, as long as it does what its meant to. Thanks!

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