Would more RAM lower my ping?

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Ever since I got my new graphics card, a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4670 (not bragging, just putting it out there in case it's vital information or something) my online ping has doubled. Before I was playing at 50ms and now I'm up to 120ms or higher making my Starcraft 2 matches almost unplayable with the constant stuttering and my character in Lord of the Rings Online is jolting around the screen like I just learned to teleport. 
There are two possible conclusions to this.
#1. My network adapter isn't getting enough voltage. I'm using a 300w PSU so this kinda sorta might be the problem though the adapter is very low power so it might not be an issue.
#2. I don't have enough RAM. Currently I only have 2gb of RAM and I assume with the higher graphics I might not have enough memory to back it up and it's taking longer to process thus increasing my ping time. This is just an assumption as I don't really know what I'm talking about here.
So yeah, will more RAM fix my issues?

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I believe ping is a pure connection issue.

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I'm no expert, HitmanAgent47 is, but I would say upgrading ram wouldn't make any difference, at least in terms of your ping, but it might be possible that the 300w just isn't enough. Even if that isn't the problem, I would start looking for a more powerful one anyways because that seems pretty low.

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Ping is entirely dependent on your connection, and your distance to the host machine on the other end.  The amount of ram you have will not effect your response time.  As for your NIC not receiving enough juice, thats also not a real possibility.
The increase in ping times could be linked to any number of potential causes.  It could back end traffic at your ISP, An increase in signal noise on your line due to a technical fault or even a problem with the route to your end destination (a routing issue resulting in additional hops being made).

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what are your ping results on pingtest.net?

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@BD said:
" I believe ping is a pure connection issue. "
tis a fact amoondo
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Ping as networking standard is purely connection but PINGRATE in games isn't.  If your PC is too slow to process incoming data due to slow CPU/RAM/GPU that can raise the pingrate substantially.  If your components are starved for power due to poor PSU output then that can also slow your whole machine down, let alone make it unstable.

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@endless_void:  I'm getting a 57 to 59ms there. That almost doubles when I load up a game though.
I get lag when playing online but my friend doesn't when using my same connection on his laptop. So it has to an issue with my PC as this all started after I upgraded my video card. I guess I'll call my ISP and perhaps upgrade my PSU and go from there.
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Are you using a wireless connection for gaming? 
If so, using a wired connection might help you a little.

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I have a crazy theory, if what seriouslynow is saying is true, i'm not sure tbh. I myself had shitty an shitty ati card in the past and didn't notice the ping went up so I can't say for certain.

I think what happened is, your using a 8X AGP slot. You went from a 2400 pro ati card, to that. So it's creating a bottleneck on your system because 300 watts is not enough. Also if your cpu is slow, considering your still using AGP, your slowing down the card, so that works against you again. All of this might create a bottleneck because of your underpowered system that's not able to accept the connection.  
Then again conventional wisdom will say it has nothing to do with that and it's all your isp. Then again I don't want to generalize, that's just my baseless theory anyways. You created new bottlenecks with that card. Try to phone your isp first, if it doesn't improve, then get a new psu. If that doesn't improve, maybe it's time to rebuild. Look tbh no one really knows why your ping is so high, it really doesn't make alot of sense, i'm just taking a guess here.

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@HitmanAgent47: Well your help is appriciated.
I have an Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.2ghz and the card I'm using isn't AGP it's PCI-E. If you want to know the exact card I bought, it's this.
My exact system specs are
ATI Radeon HD 4670 
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.2ghz
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No, you need to investigate your network drivers, your router, your modem, and everything in-between. A second system to connect to the network and debug with will be helpful in discerning whether your NIC is involved at all. As for your PSU -- likely unrelated, but it seems severely underpowered. You need to do the math on your system's components and use a PSU that will provide enough juice. I haven't used anything less than a 750w PSU in a gaming rig since the 90s and modern video cards can easily consume up to 480watts by themselves.

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@SeriouslyNow said:
"Ping as networking standard is purely connection but PINGRATE in games isn't.  If your PC is too slow to process incoming data due to slow CPU/RAM/GPU that can raise the pingrate substantially.  If your components are starved for power due to poor PSU output then that can also slow your whole machine down, let alone make it unstable. "

I agree with everything written here. I have seen computer just start dragging when different components aren't getting enough power. Another issue is heat. Especially with newer cpus and motherboards, if you add something to the case that causes the heat to jump, modern hardware will throttle into a low power mode in an attempt to operate at a cooler temp. If your motherboard is doing that and your network card is on the motherboard, that will cause your ping to go through the roof as well. 
However I found it just as likely that someone sharing your connect could have just discovered how to torrent porn and your connection will suffer.
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I had this issue once before years ago, it was a stupid fix. A software firewall was getting clogged up with the higher settings (in the games) due to a slower CPU and backing up with connections, removing the firewall worked. I can't remember which firewall it was but replacing the software worked.

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This thread revival is insane.

I miss HitmanAgent47.

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People were incredibly stupid 3 years ago it seems...

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