X-STAR DP2710 27" 1440p vs 24" 1080p 144hz monitor?

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Wondering which i should get. Right now i have a 23" inch asus im not really that happy with it colors are kinda bad i just started to realize there is alot of backlight bleeding when i played a few horror game on my pc it kinda distracted me playing game that is meant be dark and scary to notice white around edges.

Wondering do ips have less or more bleeding i know color should be better. Also im told you can overclock these Korean PLS moniotrs to 90hz or more so i could get a good speed over 60hz which i have always played on as of now.

Looking at it on ebay i have never bought anything from ebay so kinda scared to do say what if i get a picture and not real monitor or it comes damage how does that kinda thing work versus newegg.


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I noticed thread below about this did not see it. Still kinda torn on it some people say they cant go back to 60hz others that its not big deal... I dont have access to try any in person i cant test them not sure what to do.

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Hello bcooper21!

I have an X-Star 1440p monitor and I have to say I am impressed. < this is 1440p @ 60hz

I also live with my roommate who has an ACER monitor that runs 1080p @ 120hz.

The truth is... It is night and day. The picture looks so fluid on his monitor compared to mine. My monitor is very prone to image tearing (fast moving objects split into segments.. It looks wrong). However!!! The color on his monitor is crap compared to mine. I am posting a video from Linus Tech Tips that reviews a 144hz monitor. I am not recommending that monitor because it is stupid expensive (although it does manage to have a high refresh rate while maintaining good image quality). I am posting the video because Linus gives a lot of useful insight later in the video about deciding the pros and cons of "high refresh rate" VS "image quality". Skip to 6:35 for the good part XD

I have learned that you can "overclock" certain panels to get a higher refresh rate than what was designed. Other people with the same panel as me are overclocking the panel to 93-96hz. I'll get back to this thread once I have done so to see how the smoothness (once overclocked) is compared to my roomates 120hz monitor and whether or not any of the colour depth is put in jeopardy.

Cheers!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6wIMaYjklE


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Really funny things happening here. I have the monitor overclocked to 120Hz (according to my drivers and according to my benchmarking software). However, it doesn't look like 120Hz at all. I still get lots of screen tearing while playing games such as COD4 and Borderlands 2 (YES, I unlocked the frame cap on COD. I am aware). I feel like people that report that they have successfully done so only have benchmarks to show for it and do not actually see 120Hz. Or I'm just doing this wrong. Anyways, the most I have actually been able to overclock that I can visually see is 96Hz - which looks just great!!

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@classicarl: 120 hz does not eliminate screentearing, it does help combat it though.

your graphics card needs to be in sync with your monitor for you to eliminate tearing.

meaning perfectly timed frames, with the monitors refreshcylce , 30 fps, at perfect intervals with a monitor running at 30 hz for example. ( you can achieve this by enabling vsync )
If you run your screen at 120 Hz, and your game is pumping out 320 fps, you'll get tares, cause it does not match up.

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