Why is Peggle not on the Wii?

#1 Posted by Claude (16614 posts) -

What the hell, I can play it everywhere, but not on my Wii. Go figure.

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#3 Posted by Weltal (2300 posts) -

Because the Wii can't handle pegs. I'm pretty sure that's a thing.

#4 Posted by Gamer_152 (14281 posts) -

You know this is a very good point. With Popcap providing so many games designed to be accessible to casual gamers you think they'd lap up the first chance to get something like this on the Wii.

#5 Edited by Rallier (1947 posts) -

Sure is odd yeah, especially since it is also on the DS and there is no reason why it would not sell as well as the other versions if not better. Peggle would probably be better suited as a Wiiware game and if I am not mistaking Popcap has not put any Wiiware games out which might be the reason why it is not on there, same goes for DSiWare is suppose.

#6 Posted by randiolo (1151 posts) -

because it looks better on my iphone.

#7 Posted by StrikerTheLizard (326 posts) -

The Nintendo crowd is too busy playing Peggle on their DS's.

#8 Posted by Claude (16614 posts) -

No good answers, just as I googled. No reason why. Weird.

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