stellaproiectura's Peggle Deluxe (PC) review

Need something to rekindle your gaming fire?

Let me start by saying that lately, I haven’t exactly been in a “let’s play video games!” mood. No sir.

I noticed this a while ago, and attempted to rekindle my love of gaming with something casual. Something small and addictive, that I was recommended to by the Internet. That game was Peggle.

Damn, it’s good.

Not only will it keep you playing for hours (roughly 1-2 a day, before it got boring for the day, in my case), but it looks and feels smooth, and it’s actually quite intricate. Decimal-point differences in shots can make or break your chances of winning.

Let me take a few steps back first. Peggle is a casual game by PopCap. The point of the game is to shoot all the orange pegs before you run out of balls. That’s it.

What makes it difficult is that each time you play a map, the orange pegs are randomly placed. There are also dozens of blue pegs in the way. And for those that really care, it keeps track of your score. After a certain amount of orange pegs hit, your score multiplier rises, which makes it easier to get free balls (since it requires a flat score in one shot). Therefore, Peggle quickly becomes a “lose some to make more” game. It’s full of risks, and it’ll keep you coming for more.

Depending on what “Peggle Master” you choose, you also have green pegs that grant you abilities, differing from lighting up 1/5 of the orange pegs of the map (therefore doing 1/5 of the work for you, which is a lot less than it sounds on paper), to allowing the ball to reappear at the top of the screen after you would’ve lost it. Depending on the map you play, certain abilities are better choices. You have to keep this all in mind while playing.

My “Peggle Master” of choice, often, is Master Hu, whose ability is “Zen Ball”. What this does is tweak your shot slightly to gain maximum points, which often equals “hitting more orange pegs”.

In the sound department, it’s nothing special. I recommend playing your music (mute the Peggle music in the settings) instead, personally.

Overall, everything in Peggle is top-notch (at worst, mediocre). It’s cheap, and a great game in general, fit for anyone in particular. It’s a good diversion from assignments and it’ll occupy your time, should you pick it up.


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