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Map of the Dream Continent

In this sequel to Antarctic Adventure, A deadly sickness has spread throughout the penguin kingdom, even affecting the idolized Princess Penko. The only cure is the golden apple on the abandoned Dream Continent. The penguins fled the dream continent long ago because of the cruel dragons known as Freezaurus who now roam the land. The king summoned a penguin named Penta, who is charged with retreiving the golden apple from the Dream Continent to save Princess Penko and his people.


River level

Each level is a race to the finish line. Along the way are a slew of powerups, such as time extending hearts, wings that fly you to bonus levels, and fishermen that will accept fish as currency in exchange for items like guns and propeller hats. But for the most part you will be dodging obsticles such as holes in the ground, tree logs, boulders, and traps like invisible blocks that can only be seen with special goggles. Enemies like slimes, bats, and hedgehogs also impede your progress by killing you instantly unless dispatched with a gun or entirely avoided. Most obstacles only stop you momentarily, but some will kill you instantly like enemies do. Some obstacles when hit will transport Penta to shortcut levels, or fishermen traders. Every three levels instead of a finish line Pentarou must battle the manacing Freezaurus, which can be killed with a gun or by smashing the pikes into the ice to cause the ground to cave beneath him.


The game has two endings. A happy ending, where Penta saves Princess Penko and the Penguin Kingdom with the golden apple, and a sad ending where princess Penko dies apparently just before Penta gets there.


  • Penguin Adventure is the first game the famous game designer Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear fame worked on, at the time he was assistant director.

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