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The penguin protagonist, Commander Overbite, pushing an egg down a level.

Doki Doki Penguin Land: Uchuu Daibouken (lit: "Heart-Pounding Penguin Land: Great Outer Space Adventure") is the second in the Doki Doki Penguin Land series, but the first to be localized for US and European markets, simply as Penguin Land. Despite the divergent "space penguin" setting, it appears to be more of a graphically-enhanced port of the original Doki Doki Penguin than an entirely new game, as many stages are identical between the two.

Originally released for the Sega Master System, this game implements an action/puzzle system of sorts. The player is a penguin with an egg and the goal is to get the egg to the bottom of the tunnels and onto the penguin's spaceship where its crew is waiting. Along the way there are polar bears guarding the tunnels that can not only beat the penguin up, but destroy the egg as well. The player also needs to be wary of various traps and letting the egg drop fall too far, as both have the potential to break the egg.

Not only was there a bevvy of developer made puzzle sequences, which all are unlocked from the beginning, but the game also had a fully featured level editor. This editor allowed the user to add any type of blocks to a set level size.

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