Anti-dickwolves protesters threaten family of Penny Arcade writer

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Death threats? Really? What the fuck is wrong with people...?

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I don't get it. I commit rape and murder everyday, but fucking off and killing time.

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@Sweep said:
Surely cheesecake is a cake. It's says "cake" right there in the damn name. "

Cheesecake is a custard, not a cake or pie.  Which is why you need to cook it in a water bath.   I personally like tarts the most (please no jokes about the name).  The same components as pie, but with a better ratio of crust to filling. 
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Well, this is all very sophisticated.

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I have an immediate family member who was raped as a small child, and I have to say, the "debate" on all sides is reprehensible.  It seems as though a lot of people are playing the adult.

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Guys, when they threaten his family like that, its just a joke. omg lighten up

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It's offensive because it evokes those awful memories for some people, so the problem is literally the fact that the word is in there.
Why don't those fuckers go ahead and sue every dictionary ever while there at it, I'm sure that word and some more bad words are in there. Wikipedia probably even has a long and detailed article on it.
Those sonsabitches

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PA guys have handled the situation poorly in many respects but really they should be able to make whatever jokes they want. Not that rape was even the 'joke' in this case.
And I love Arther Gies but that man will jump on his soap box for anything. Bayonettaa was a fun couple of hours worth of talking about feminism.

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The internet is home of all the 'holier-than-thou' types. They're self-righteous and think spreading fake outrage will get them attention. Which it clearly is.
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@EndSarcasm said:
"@bybeach said:

" @ProfessorEss said:

" @Sweep:  What I find the most fucked up about it is that they're not even pushing any boundaries with the joke, but you know what, I'm not even gonna get into it. That Steve Hughes video you inserted sums up my feelings pretty solidly. "

I agree with this. It sounds more like somebody with an agenda, I call them the Simplifiers, have seen a ball and decided to run with it. Threaten somebodies family over this? If it is really true, and this is the Internet after all, it speaks of somebody drawing a target symbol, and less of whether the whole thing really fits.  The cartoon was dark humor, not at all advocation, and now dark humor is "
The people who have spoken out against the joke have absolutely legitimate reasons to have done so. It's not an issue of  'well it doesn't actively say to go out and rape so what's wrong with it?' as so many people think (not saying you do). Most of those offended did actually get the joke, but were not happy with the way PA were essentially contributing to a very real, worrying trend in our culture. Rape culture is not one where people are encouraged to rape, but instead a society where 'misogynistic' comments, and jokes such as this, are so common place and normal that rape becomes marginalized. For those who have experience with rape, this is disturbing and to them helps foster a society where maybe a few people do see it as OK to commit this because it's just another part of our lexicon.  Trigger responses are also a worry. Much like triggering a flash back to combat in a soldier, things like this can trigger memories of the incident. Something PA decided to mock after the whole thing kicked off.  Personally, I wasn't at all offended, but at least think before you make assumptions. I know I sound preachy, but I keep seeing so many misguided and inconsiderate opinions on this issue.  "

I like your response,except you do not mention the threatening of somebodies family. Come to think, it doesn't really address the issue of Dark Humor either. And  how was PA contributing to "this worrying trend"? You point out address the fact that rape as a word (not deed) has become so commonplace it has somewhat shifted meaning and importance,much in fact like the word gay has, which I personally refuse to use.  And It doesn't help that we see societies and cultures or events if you will, like the Serbian war and the conflicts in Africa, where rape was/is very obviously used as an act of domination...much like threatening the existence of ones family. Pretty much the same thing at least in desired result. 
Naw, I'll stick to my guns and say it is seeming overreaction, and it's suspiciously extreme in it's own right. Furthermore how can culture be one of Rape without the act of Rape..interesting word placement versus meaning it would appear . I absolutely do not buy your definition of Rape culture, again I would apply that to the act.  
But otherwise some of what you are saying ,I kind of agree. Meanings slip due to popular culture, not always for the best. And the Internet has it's own way of further coarsening. But PA is involved in what I deem Rape culture, bull. Sloppiness in grasping the importance and negativity of rape and it's effects, possibly. I'm not convinced. It was their cartoon of 'Go, and rape no more' that kind of put me off. that struck me a bit short. That seemed a bit weak in an odd way.
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@HaltIamReptar: @ryanwho: @Ventilaator: @Weltal: Too late guys. Topic has been shifted to cakes vs. pies. I personally prefer cake. Chocolate cake makes me very hyper.
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A dickwolf t shirt would make someone uncomfortable? What the hell do they think the t shirt is about to do to them?!

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Here's the truth: Feminist blogs need to justify their existence.  There's nothing wrong with women or feminism and there's a lot wrong with rape, but when you base a website on "I AM ANGRY AT THIS I AM ANGRY AT THAT I AM ANGRY THAT I AM SO ANGRY", you start grasping for straws.  Damn the context of the issue, we just need something to smash on keyboards about.

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I always found the argument about the comic causing a "trigger" for a rape victim somewhat odd. We can all agree that Penny Arcade is big for an internet website but the average person hasn't even heard of them. Does a rape victim not watch television shows, the news or anything else that could cause a trigger? 
I think rape is absolutely terrible and should be treated like murder in some circumstances. But if you let that event continue to affect your life, the rapist won didn't he?

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I fail to see how a fake creature raping somebody is offensive.

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This whole thing has gone completely insane. Regardless of anyone's opinion on the comic, or the responses to the comic, they're all just words someone has posted on the internet. There is absolutely no reason to resort to death threats, or anything even remotely close to that level of response.

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I have a 21 year old sister who is (as we still call them in Croatia) physically and mentally retarded. You politically correct Americans would call that physically and mentally challenged or disabled. She can't walk, talk, eat by herself etc., etc.
 I never got offended by a "correct", subtle, mild or tasteful joke on the matter because I have a great deal of understanding for the fact that most people haven't come across with it.  
I'm actually kinda glad that some stand up comic brings it up, so everyone can be glad about how fucking healthy they are for a change and make some people in the audience think and appreciate what really matters. You all need to learn how to cope, take a joke, stop fighting battles that aren't yours to fight and to stop bitching and whining about everything. I laughed at the original comic and quite frankly, that's beside the point. 
Your police, healthcare, lawyers and teachers need to have respect for (rape) victims, maybe everybody else will fall in line then. 
Grow up.

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Man, you guys are so behind the times. I blogged about this months ago. Questionably edgy webcomics are so 2010.

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Fucking dickwolves haters, why they gotta love the pussy maggots so much?

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Yeah, I'm sure the guy who said he would murder 3 people was being totally srs.

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@CL60 said:
" I fail to see how a fake creature raping somebody is offensive. "
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After reading that article that changed your perspective, Sweep, I still find myself disagreeing. The crux of his argument seemed to be that the times have changed and we can't make the same jokes that we used to. I think that's a bit of a naive viewpoint, like if we stop mentioning rape it'll suddenly disappear. No! It's there, and it's a problem. But at the same time, look at the comic, look at the shirt, it's all just a simple one-off dumb joke. One of millions of jokes that'll be told this year, and it most certainly won't be the worst, or most offensive. There's just too many other controversies and issues around the world to devote any time to trashing a sub-culture webcomic within a sub-culture for their tastelessness. I mean honestly, how many people actually come to them and their comics for life lessons? No one. And I understand it's not about condoning or not condoning rape, it's about not condoning a rape culture. But that once again, goes back to sticking your head in the sand. Ignoring the issue doesn't solve the goddamn problem. 

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@Fallen189 said:

" Yeah, I'm sure the guy who said he would murder 3 people was being totally srs. "

As serious as the dickwolves, or more serious? Because the dickwolves... man. They are wolves that actually rape people. When it comes to that sort of thing you don't fuck about.
@XII_Sniper: I said it made me rethink my position, not change it. I still think this entire argument is pretty stupid, and that pedanticism can tear apart almost any humour in the world - and to over-react so extravagantly is just absurd.
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@Sweep said:
" @Fallen189 said:

" Yeah, I'm sure the guy who said he would murder 3 people was being totally srs. "

As serious as the dickwolves, or more serious? Because the dickwolves... man. They are wolves that actually rape people. When it comes to that sort of thing you don't fuck about.
@XII_Sniper: I said it made me rethink my position, not change it. I still think this entire argument is pretty stupid, and that pedanticism can tear apart almost any humour in the world - and to over-react so extravagantly is just absurd. "
I just don't personally see the real point in sensationalizing things like this. It's just absurd. I'm naturally not attacking you personally, you're an alright guy. I just think the idea that "Crazed anonymous person on the internet perpetuates stereotype" is something that we see every day. I think it's got so much "press" because Jerry and Mike have done so much for us as a "Culture" (for want of a less crass analogy). Not that I wish for anything less than great things for them, they're top guys, I just think it's another case of "Internet is crazy".
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This whole thing went too far over something so small. It's not even about the comic anymore, it's about how people were expecting a mature discussion about rape culture from Penny Arcade. I wonder if the South Park guys ever had to go through this. This portion of the IGN @Sweep: linked annoys me: 

I’m not taking moral high ground here. I’ve made jokes involving rape, or used rape as a metaphor. I don’t think I’ve specifically designated the act of rape as a punchline, but that doesn’t excuse my actions.    

NEITHER DID PENNY ARCADE! The offending comic wasn't about rape, or women, but it somehow escalated into a discussion about both? C'mon!
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another reason to hate the internet. people are such bitches.

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@Sweep said:

If you are personally offended by what you see in the world around you, tough shit. "

This needs to be quoted more.
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Want to know what I think about it? 
Do not click play if you don't think Rape is funny.

   I am willing to bet someone who doesn't think rape is funny is still going to be offended by me posting that (whether they say so or not).
People look for reasons to be offended. If they went to PA and expected there to be boundaries then I don't know what the fuck they were thinking. On top of that, to get so up in arms about it they start resorting to death threats. What? What the fuck is wrong with people? It's a fucking joke! Don't read it if you don't find it funny. Don't listen, don't look. Blind yourself to the world. 
I have friends that were raped and murdered- I still think rape can be funny and I didn't see anything wrong with the way it was handled on PA.
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This is completely stupid.  How could anyone possibly be offended by that?

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This is an old troll-bait; no?

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Regarding the OP's edits and his link about triggers and how joking affects victims. 
It's all true. 
I don't care. 
We can't shy away of every traumatic memory anybody has, ever. We can't avoid humour in all areas of life that hurt somebody, somewhere. Our discourse must be allowed to raise beyond the level of, say, the Care Bears. 
It's true that it's hard to argue with a victim. Or, more often, a victim's family, that at times overprotects and overreacts. And I agree with the PA guys' first reaction: not talk about it. It's not a conversation that can be acknowledged. It's best for everybody if it's not. 
But if one *was* to acknowledge it, this is what one might say: 
That we all have suffered, will suffer or may suffer emotional trauma. That the world does not stop for us when we do. That learning to move on and deal with the unavoidable, stubborn decision of the world to continue to exist despite our own misfortune is learning how to overcome the trauma. 
Cancer hits every family at some point. I bet we've all seen it. That cancer joke. Accidentally using "tumor" here and there. Somebody plays that one Nirvana song. And there's a pause.  
And then it happens again, and again, and there's cancer in that House episode we're all watching and some standup who thinks he's edgy does a whole routine and the pause gets smaller and the grieving doesn't peak as much and eventually you overcome. Or you don't, but if you don't, you still don't get to kick and scream and tell them all to shut up. Harsh as it is to hear, the worst, most deranged, unimaginable catastrophes that befall us all are just background noise for everybody else.  
Now, a lesser speaker, I suspect, would end that paragraph with "deal with it" and move on. I won't. You are not mandated to deal with it. I certainly have not dealt with it many times in the past. We are all entitled to not dealing with it for as long as we want. When not dealing with it involves telling everybody else to stop doing what they're doing to help you deal, though, well that would be pretty great if we could do it for everyone, but we can't. So we don't. 
A tsunami killed hundreds of thousands, an earthquake devastated an entire country, illness kills every day. Murder happens, breaking families, and we joke about it. Worse, we watch CSI and Law and Order and Bones, which are, let's face it, more insensitive than Dickwolves by way of stupidity and lack of creativity. I can't even begin to comprehend how the mother of a murder victim reacts to a rotten corpse sliced open casually while two handsome actors flirt on top of it while spouting platitudes about justice and following their gut, but I imagine this happens routinely. Some deal, some don't, but nobody puts their jobs, their creativity or their lives on hold for it, cruel as it may be. 
And that's what I think about it.

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It's all really silly.

#85 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12488 posts) -

This issue has become so stupid in so many ways.

#86 Posted by perilator666 (472 posts) -

Nothing should be safe from ridicule... NOTHING! Not rape, not the holocaust, not religion... death by od, murder... i can keep going.

#87 Posted by Mooqi (217 posts) -

So I played some LoL today and this guy was raging at me hardcore, saying: "Dude, in real life I rape kids like you."
The combination of "kid" as an insult and "rape" as a description of superior skill sounds funny, if not offensive, to anyone not familiar to the whole gamer sub-language. Nevertheless "rape" is a common term in many online communities that I know (WoW, SC2 and LoL from my experience). That is why I cannot understand at all why people are being so upset about the whole PAX thing. It seems hypocritical on many levels.

#88 Posted by MonetaryDread (2236 posts) -
As someone who was raped when he was seven years old I have to throw in my two cents. Rape in the real world is a horrible experience, yet I can appreciate a joke about rape. Why? Because it is just a joke. People need to realize that bad shit happens in life, and censoring people by limiting what you can and can't say, does more harm than anything. Someone earlier mentioned that making jokes about the matter marginalizes the victim, well that is bullshit. This might sound harsh, yet it was the back handed comments from my peers growing up that allowed me to deal with the situation instead of just avoiding the issue.
If I am going to complain about anything when it comes down to jokes about rape, it is all the overly sensitive pussies trying to protect people like me that are the problem. To modify a saying from Joe Rogan, "Rape is like Mushrooms or fatherhood. If you haven't experienced it first hand, don't bother talking about it because you don't know."
#89 Posted by Innovacious (256 posts) -

This again? Rape isnt even part of the joke, the joke is how in MMOs once you have saved the stated number of people you just leave all the others behind... 
Ive seen popular webcomics make direct jokes about rape and nobody really cared.

#90 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -
@CornBREDX: Ahh some great classic Carlin. Also why must people continue to make threads about this whole insignificant incident? Less attention we give to this shit, the better.
#91 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4933 posts) -

Ugh, this is still going on? 

#92 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -
@Sweep said:
" @Fallen189 said:

" Yeah, I'm sure the guy who said he would murder 3 people was being totally srs. "

As serious as the dickwolves, or more serious? Because the dickwolves... man. They are wolves that actually rape people. When it comes to that sort of thing you don't fuck about.
@XII_Sniper: I said it made me rethink my position, not change it. I still think this entire argument is pretty stupid, and that pedanticism can tear apart almost any humour in the world - and to over-react so extravagantly is just absurd. "
Aah okay I misread then. Yeah a summation of my opinion on this is that both sides have a point, but the argument is kinda futile. No one's pro rape, or pro rape culture, just for or against joking about it. 
#93 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -
@Enigma777 said:
" @Sweep said:

If you are personally offended by what you see in the world around you, tough shit. "

This needs to be quoted more. "
So we can find out who's cripplingly antisocial?
#94 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

I thought it was funny.  Also, fuck everybody.

#95 Posted by Jethuty (1023 posts) -

 It's just a fucking comic strip, people are too easily offended.....
no seriously this shit needs to stop....Its a fucking joke

#96 Posted by FreakAche (2959 posts) -

This is so ridiculous, considering the joke was pretty much typical fare for Penny Arcade. Why it's taken this long for crazy people to get up in arms about one of their strips is beyond me.

#97 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

Technically this is date rape not forcible rape, and if republicans get their way it won't even be covered for abortions. These raped dudes would have to pay out of pocket to kill that baby. Sleeprape don't count. If only these offended people who've been victims of rape or friends to rape victims could calm down like the lonely internet toughguys say.

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I really feel like this is a new low for the internet. Never before have I seen so many people so angry about such a fucking stupid issue. Does that fact they used "rape" really send these people into this sort of uproar? Have these people lived such a sheltered life that those four letters could really make them go this insane? Whatever, that doesn't even matter. Because if you're going to be offended by this, fine. It's your right to be offended. But at the very least, just shut the fuck up about it already. How long is this bullshit going to go on for?

#99 Posted by Binman88 (3706 posts) -

I'm disappointed in Mike and Jerry. As smart as I think those two guys are, they should have known better than to ever utter a single word in response to those idiots. Responding to the concerns of those considering attending PAX is fine, but they should never have responded to the crazies that have gone to great lengths to make a nuisance of themselves. You can never win an argument with an attention-seeking crazy person. Never. 

#100 Posted by jakob187 (22272 posts) -

While being someone who is fat,  I can say that I don't get offended when people make fat jokes. 
While being someone who is permanently scarred by a car accident, I can say that I don't get offended when people make jokes about it. 
While being someone who is permanently missing his front tooth, I can say that I don't get offended when people make jokes about it. 
Why?  That's me personally.  Can any of that be compared to rape?  No.  I can't compare a single thing that people have thrown at me to someone who has been raped then hears a joke and/or metaphor about rape.  However, in the last six years, I cannot even count how many times the term "that team just got raped" or "I just raped that dood" has been uttered within the confines of my workplace.  For those unaware, I work at a gaming center.  People ranging from the ages of 12 to 50, male AND female, say this on a regular daily basis.  In six years, there has not been one single complaint about it.  Not a SINGLE complaint.  I'm not saying that makes it less offensive, but I'm saying that there have been people around that I personally KNOW have been raped...and THEY say it. 
Rape as an action and an idea is not something to take lightly.  We understand that.  If you don't understand that, go ahead and turn yourself in right now.  Just let them slap the cuffs on and walk out.  If you are a sensible person, you'll know that a just a word.  Anyone who honestly takes offense, rape victims included, to someone saying that they just "raped" someone on Call of Duty or League of Legends also needs as much of a reality check. 
That IGN article had one thing right:  this world is ever-changing, and that means terminology is ever-changing.  The word "gay" used to be happy before it was ever attached to homosexuals.  Nowadays, it is typically used to mean "that shit was cheap as hell" or "that's stupid" or "that's dumb".  Does that mean that we are saying gay people are cheap as hell, stupid, and dumb?  No.  It means we have evolved the purpose of the word beyond some derogatory term.  The same goes for "jewed", another word that has some form of derogatory meaning...from the second World War.  Nowadays, it's just another stupid term we've used in the same way as "rape".  Hell, even "faggot" has a different meaning to it now!  Do all those words retain their original meaning as well?  Yes, if the person uttering it means it in that context. 
Personally, I'm someone who has always believed that the power of words is only as strong as: 

  • The agreement people have with the person speaking them
  • How much people allow them to irritate them
If you were to take all negative meaning away from all negative words, then the words would not be nearly as powerful in a hateful fashion.  Unfortunately, we continue to allow negative connotation in words because we continue to hate. 
I don't think the Penny Arcade crew has acted well during this whole debacle, but there's at least one thing we can thank them for:  their stupid comic strip has probably gotten more people talking about rape in a serious manner than anything other than the Millennium trilogy in the last ten years easily.

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