Giant Bomb At Penny Arcade Expo This Weekend

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#101 Posted by ThrdDegreeBurns (17 posts) -
BOOOOOM! See you there!
#102 Posted by Dan_CiTi (3524 posts) -

I really hope this beef bowl challenge gets caught on video.

#103 Posted by player66 (22 posts) -

I'll be there. Just make sure the stew is warm and ready.

#104 Posted by Lunarbunny (1025 posts) -

Stop by Left 4 Dead 2 @ the Microsoft Booth on Saturday morning and say hi!

#105 Edited by selbie (1969 posts) -

GB @ PAX 09!
It woud be great if you guys can get some coverage of Jumpgate Evolution if Netdevil or Codemasters has a booth set up there. kthxurawesome!!
EDIT: They'll be at the Dolby booth and the Alienware booth!!

#106 Posted by Knigge (215 posts) -

I don't have lvl 5 anything, but I'll be there.

#107 Posted by toadstule (280 posts) -

Can't wait to see you guys at PAX!!! Great panel last year and I'm sure this year will not disappoint either. I hope I get a Giantbomb shirt...

#108 Posted by dagas (2930 posts) -

Will we get a lvl 1 social link with the Devil Arcana for hanging out with Jeff?

#109 Posted by twillfast (574 posts) -

I'm pretty glad that the <BLINK> didn't blink.
So how about Jeff "Ginny" Gerstmann?

#110 Posted by SinGulaR (2394 posts) -

Have fun there.
#111 Posted by JoeOE18 (109 posts) -

I hope you are filming the panel or I will be filled with a jealous rage.

#112 Posted by PandaShake (398 posts) -
@Metroid545 said:
" @BD_Mr_Bubbles said:
" @Seedofpower said:
"Have fun.   I wish i could go =( "
#113 Posted by Sanj (2541 posts) -

Ahhh wish i could go. 
#114 Posted by Looka (7 posts) -

The meat dimension will open!

#115 Posted by galfisk (136 posts) -
#116 Posted by Reverseface (1221 posts) -

It better be a rainy day for the beefbowl challange or i willl lose faith.

#117 Posted by 1p (760 posts) -

I wish i could go :(

Maybe next year.

#118 Posted by Cerza (1653 posts) -

Oh Hey Minato-san. Wanna get something to eat? I can hear my poor tummy crying sadly. Great! Then let us go to Beef Bowl. That is the place for you.

#119 Posted by Chuggsy (556 posts) -

Sweet, I'm going! I think I could handle a beef bowl. 
Then again, I may end up eating those words.  

#120 Posted by TheAdmin (715 posts) -

call my name! Beefy Braxbottom!

#121 Posted by Carlos1408 (1543 posts) -

Well you guys have fun, damn it's a real pitty I can't go... Well hopefully this will all be caught on camera...  
All this talk about beef bowls has made me hungry! :D
#122 Posted by Caddy (308 posts) -

I hope you get this on video, like last year.

#123 Posted by Gamer_152 (14110 posts) -

Sounds awesome and I wish I could be there seeing you guys and the QVC salesman.

#124 Edited by GeekyDad (96 posts) -

"... What else am I selling? All kinds of shit. But I don't have to sell this and you know it, 'cause this kind of shit here sells itself...."
I'm sold! But I won't be there. Post some vids, and we'll watch dat shit while eating sammiches from the comfort of home, baby.

#125 Posted by ElectricHaggis (630 posts) -

Excellent, I was disappointed not to see Bob there last year.

#126 Posted by InsanePotato (206 posts) -

Dammit. Was going to go to this PAX but i'm hitting up China instead for a holiday. I'm kind've disappointed lol

#127 Posted by Kraznor (1588 posts) -

I'll be there. Rocking a different Giant Bomb T every day.

#128 Posted by heatDrive88 (2407 posts) -

Good god, they are going to rip apart the space-beef-time-continuum with this.
#129 Edited by jim_dandy (891 posts) -

That means I'll be there.

#130 Posted by Media_Master (3283 posts) -

video of this will be AMAZING!!!!

#131 Posted by Scratch (628 posts) -

I surely hope this is getting recorded. I want to atleast see the highlights if not the whole thing.

#132 Posted by Chewii101 (822 posts) -

When is Rich's Time Trotters Episode 2 going to be shown to the public? I demand results! 

#133 Posted by FallenElite (6 posts) -

So will there be a podcast  for each day of PAX like there was for E3? 

#134 Posted by sofakingcool (360 posts) -

is there going to be any video of the pannel like last year? live perhaps? 

#135 Posted by Maxszy (2067 posts) -
@Player1 said:
" "  Rich Gallup (who I understand is going to be announcing his intent to run for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat),"  This is one of the best jokes I've ever seen on GB.  Its sad not many people will get it.   But Jeff, so much respect for making this one.  "
This was indeed a fabulous joke.
#136 Posted by sofakingcool (360 posts) -

is there going to be any video of the pannel like last year? live perhaps? I live in portland so its only a 2 or 3 hour drive.... I guess i'll see you guys there!

#137 Posted by zyn (2591 posts) -

Ryan just tweeted an AudioBoo, with special guest: Rich Gallup!

#138 Posted by rufo (61 posts) -

I am terrified, but I will put my name in the beef bowl hat. FOR GREAT JUSTICE

#139 Posted by Bboboo (96 posts) -

 Call Chris Coleman if you want to get to the meat dimension.  

#140 Edited by TiE23 (301 posts) -

Woo-hoo. My bro and I got to chat with Jeff for like 5-7 minutes and Vinny for 2 or 3, was great. Said that a sequel to the Endurance run is not immediately in mind, but they may do it again next year if a good game shows up. (May not do Persona 3, that is.)

Al so, thanks for complementing my camera, Vinny, it is my pride and joy.  (He took the shot himself.)
It's an Olympus E-510
: P
 I'm on the right.
Thanks for your time, guys!
Edit: Oh, and said that there will be a PAX podcast at some point. Wait up, guys. 
Edit 2: Also, we made a Chie/beef steak joke.
#141 Posted by Enokei (20 posts) -

I can't wait I love GB ! and the bombcast
#142 Posted by jim_dandy (891 posts) -

Damn! I didn't see anyone from GB at all. :(

#143 Posted by Viper3334 (5 posts) -

I'd totally be down for the beef bowl challenge! The name's Linkon

#144 Posted by Biddy (230 posts) -
@sofakingcool said:
" is there going to be any video of the pannel like last year? live perhaps?  "
I hope so!
#145 Posted by Lunarbunny (1025 posts) -

I expect there to be a video. 
Also...oh god...the beef bowl challenge.  

#146 Posted by Biddy (230 posts) -

Well, if it's like last year, hopefully.

#147 Posted by KimFidler (311 posts) -

Did Dogstar perform?

#148 Posted by Babble (1270 posts) -
@Biddy said:
" Well, if it's like last year, hopefully. "
The panel was awesome, they recorded it as well and said it should go up on the site sometime soon.
#149 Posted by Biddy (230 posts) -
@Babble said:
" @Biddy said:
" Well, if it's like last year, hopefully. "
The panel was awesome, they recorded it as well and said it should go up on the site sometime soon. "
#150 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3000 posts) -


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