Giant Bomb At Penny Arcade Expo This Weekend

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#151 Posted by Lunarbunny (1025 posts) -
@VisariLoyalist: They're probably busy color-correcting it. Cup-o-noodle should NEVER be that color.
#152 Posted by Hailinel (24405 posts) -
@Lunarbunny said:
" @VisariLoyalist: They're probably busy color-correcting it. Cup-o-noodle should NEVER be that color. "
Cup ramen doused in NOS.  I never could have predicted that.
#153 Edited by KnifeySpoony (1164 posts) -

Hey guys, not sure if you'll read this but I just wanted to say thanks for the great time on Saturday night and thanks for letting me chat with a few a you about the show, PAX that is. 
I'm Peter (I was the short guy with the G.I. Joe shirt and camera). My offer for buying you guys burritos still stands any time.

#154 Posted by toadstule (280 posts) -
Thanks GB crew for the wonderful panel. I was really hoping to run into you guys on the expo floor but it was great meeting you guys those short moments after the panel was over. (My name is Tony. I was the Asian guy with the orange shirt.)
@KnifeySpoony: Hey Knifey, I think I saw you after the panel because I am almost one hundred percent sure I saw someone wearing a G.I. Joe shirt.
#155 Posted by KnifeySpoony (1164 posts) -
@toadstule: Oh yeah? I was with Tanuki, about the same height as me with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I had in particular a G.I. Joe woot shirt with black dickies. After the panel I went up and gave Vinny a hug and chatted with some of the guys. Should have come up to us and said hi!
#156 Posted by toadstule (280 posts) -
@KnifeySpoony: Haha, I did talk to the GB crew afterwords but people were all over the place. I did have to leave after about 15 min for the concert so that's probably why I could not go up to you guys and chat very long.
#157 Posted by KnifeySpoony (1164 posts) -
@toadstule: Ah, I went to that concert a lot later. The first thing I saw was Freezepop performing Less Talk More Rokk.
#158 Posted by ez123 (1956 posts) -
@VisariLoyalist said:
#159 Posted by Fritzerbacon (144 posts) -

Loved this panel! It was super hilarious. YA Rainy Day Noodle Bowl Challenge.

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