yodasears's Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode 3 (PC) review

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I picked up PA: OTRSPOD 3 during the Steam Summer Sale, not expecting much more than a few hours of entertaining diversion.

And then I started playing.

The gameplay is very much old skool Final Fantasy style. Deliberately. The Zeboyd Games influence is unmistakable - in that it's that old skool rpg, in a 2012 context. But this is incidental. It is only a small part of why I rate this game.

The humour is great - full disclosure: am a long-term PA fanboy; followed them long before I ever discovered GB (and I followed GB without subscribing almost since it started) - and it is completely in the Penny Arcade vein. It is themed to the game universe's distorted interpretations of Gabe & Tycho et al, but nothing is lost in translation; their sweeping epic stylings retain every ounce of humour that made their site what it is.

Zeboyd's ace up their sleeves is that the mechanics and the humour have a very clever convergence in the form of pins, which allow any character to be assigned up to 2 extra character classes. From a mechanics perspective, this provides a hefty dose of munchkinism. From a Penny Arcade perspective, that munchkinism is flavour, and what an enterprising and diverse flavour it is.

The game itself takes about seven hours to complete and every last one of those hours was a delight.


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