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Penny is Dr. Caulder's youngest "daughter" and a commanding officer for Intelligent Defense Systems from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Despite her age she leads armies to carry out experiments for her father and make life harsher for anyone who might have survived the meteor showers. After many unknown experiments, her mind is unstable leaving her with a very little grasp on reality. Due to separate translations, her personality differs from the North American release, Days of Ruin, and the PAL release, Dark Conflict.

Character Differences

In Days of Ruin she spends most of her time talking with a stuffed bear named "Mr. Bear" who, in her mind, does most of the thinking for her. Mr. Bear (it's never made clear which stuffed bear he is) often shoulders Penny's opinions and tells her what to do. It leaves her a schizophrenic mess and she never seems to be fully aware what's going on. In Dark Conflict, the Mr. Bear persona doesn't exist and she's more of a giggling, obedient child willing to do whatever her father tells her.


Penny's CO abilities are weather based. She's the only CO where all her units benefit from an immunity to weather conditions even if they're outside her CO zone or if she isn't even on the field.
CO Zone:
  • Size: 3
  • Boost: 10% offense and defense increase
  • CO Power: Stormfront, randomly changes the weather conditions (sand, snow or rain) for the next two days. Penny's forces are immune to weather effects.


Penny appears three times as an enemy in the campaign. Early on she destroys a crop production facility under orders from her father and field tests the gigantic Wartank on Brenner's Wolves. The next time she appears she has command of the city sized bomber, The Great Owl. She uses it to great effect pounding the battlefield with massive bombs to try and force Brenner's Wolves to surrender Isabella to Caulder.
It's eventually revealed that Penny is a heavily modified clone of Caulder. She was one of the first steps in his attempt to create a sustainable army of clone soldiers. In the end, Penny is completely expendable, and he even orders her to crash the Great Owl to kill herself as well as Will and others after they sneak on board. However Penny is talked out of suicide by Isabella and survives well past the finale of the game. Her broken mind and loose grip on reality, however, remains unchanged.

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