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A Genuinely Terrifying Experience 1

Penumbra: Overture is a game that probably not many of you have heard of. I had honestly not heard of the game till about five months ago when I saw the first part of a Let's Play on it. So I thought it looked interesting and I thought I would give it a try. I had no idea what I had bargained for.   The story is of this guy named Philip, who gets a letter from his thought-to-be-long-dead father, telling him to burn the research he has left in a safety deposit box. Phil's curiosity gets the bett...

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A gripping, fighteningly brilliant game 0

Penumbra: Overture, on the face of it, seems to be an indie game, indeed I bought it in the Indie Bundle, and to a large extent it is, but at the same time it has the feel of a much larger, bigger production game. The game overall is brilliant, but two main parts of it make it what it is, the story and atmosphere. The story is relatively simple to explain without giving away too many secrets; you're an explorer of sorts who is following the trail of your dead father into the wastes of Greenland....

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Penumbra: Overture 0

Penumbra: Overture is a first person adventure horror game by Swedish developer Frictional Games. It is the first in what is to be a trilogy of titles. You play as Philip and well, he’s having a bad day. After attending his mother’s funeral he receives a letter from his supposedly deceased father that gives him information that lands him in Greenland. Philip soon stumbles upon a mysterious hatch frozen over and apparently forgotten by the world. Known only as the Shelter, Philip finds himself in...

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You won't have to wait all season to see what's in this hatch. 0

Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will find a lot to love with Penumbra Overture, a budget title intended to be the first chapter in an ongoing series of stealth-horror games. The setup is a familiar one: your absentee father sends you a “by the time you read this, I'll be dead” letter with instructions to go to a secret safe deposit box to destroy a collection of documents left in your name. Of course, curiosity wins out over these posthumous pleas and you follow these clues to a mysterious hatch out in...

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A great Puzzle Survival Horror game. 1

First i played the demo for Penumbra: Black Plague, after completely the demo I loved it and decided that I would play the first chapter before I played black plague. All I can say is wow the game is great. There I said it! This is what a horror game should be. The basic story line is that your after your mother passes away you recieve a letter from your dead father, which leads you to greenland, once there you realise what a harsh climate you are in and take cover in a mine, which is where th...

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Descent into the Unknown 0

Penumbra: Overture is a rarity. The game combines both adventure game-esque exploration with it's inventory and item based puzzles as well as intense first person survival horror. The game's physics engine increases player immersion as well as creating interest in manipulating the game world to better your chances of survival.  With a Lovecraftian plot of hidden evil and unexplained horrors Phillip (the player character) stumbles blindly into, (honestly, the game recommends having as little visi...

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A solid start to a good horror series, despite infuriating combat 0

The Penumbra series ended up being a very pleasant surprise. It is a cross between a traditional adventure and 1st person survival horror. The combination of gameplay styles feels very refreshing and new, and just as important, the story is captivating too. This first chapter, Overture, is a successful kick-off of the series. If it has one major shortcoming, it's the controls, which can be insanely frustrating at key times. If you are looking for a refreshing take on the adventure genre, and if ...

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Best played alone at night with the lights off 0

I picked this up with the first Humble Indie Bundle. I already owned World of Goo from the bundle but hadn’t heard of any of the others. This one sounded like it might be similar to the Thief series, and it didn’t disappoint! Best played alone at night with the lights off, this game has you exploring a dark, dangerous old mine to find out what happened to your father. This game is highly likely to startle and eventually disturb you. If you already have it through the Bundle and ...

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