Stuck on the 3 rd level

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I'm stuck on the level with the ketchup bottles, help please! :)

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guess ill have to wait for a walkthrough

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Well, since you've gotten to the Ketchup bottle dispenser:

1. throw the ketchup bottle at the chain holding that bridge up and the bridge will fall.
2. Get another ketchup bottle and bring it with you to the other side where the lever on the wall is.
4. Turn around and face the bridge once you're across.  Note there's a catwalk up on your right.  You can get to it by climbing the boxes to your right.  There's also a stack of loose boxes to your left.
5. Turn back around and activate the lever so the cargo container comes down.  Carry 3 boxes from the left up to the catwalk on the right.
6. Stack up the boxes on top of the cargo crate at alternating 45 degree angles to make stairs. (There's probably some other way to do this, but this is what I did).
7. Throw the ketchup bottle at the switch, it'll activate it and lift the cargo container.  Use your "stairs" to get to the upper level.

Once up on the upper level, see if you can figure it out. :)

I'm currently stuck on the 8 or 9th level.  I have to re-route power to the area. :(

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Great, thanks, now I can get back to playing this game :)

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