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Amazing Shooter

Game play : Perfect Dark Zero is a game that came out in the year 2005. I purchased the game and I didn't play the campaign completely and didn't bother on completing it because I beat a lot of games in short time. Recently I picked it up again and gave it a second chance and I started playing it. You start as Joanna dark a bounty hunter. The story itself is pretty dull there is not much. Saving mankind and theres this enemy Zhang Lei is the one who tries to take over the humanity and you try to save it. I really loved the variety of weapons in the game they all look scientific guns from the future and I love how they work they are simply and they all have great secondary fire. The missions have great variety with different places around the world. Playing this game is fun just going all trough the game is breathtaking. The game was made in 2005 and I played it few days ago and its 2011 and I got impressed by how first person shooters started on the Xbox 360.

Graphics : Some enemies will look ugly up close and there is missing a lot of details in the physics of each character. Besides that aspect every bit of the environmental details are pretty sharp I think Perfect Dark Zero is a great leap to start first person shooter games on the Xbox 360.

Sound : The guns sound really great and the music is beyond amazing every music in the game really makes it really interesting and fun.

Positive +

Great Music+

Good Variety of Missions+

Guns are realistic+


Checkpoints are only found In middle of mission-

Some Missions are harder-

Use of jet packs and hovercraft in missions are minimal-

Perfect Dark Zero is a game that cannot be missed by Any gamer.

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