shadowmoses900's Perfect Dark Zero (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Not the best shooter by any means, but it's still worth playing


-Solid campaign

-Good multiplayer that features plenty of different modes and customization options, can be played with up to 32 players online and features bots for offline

-Good variety of weapons all with multiple functions

-Co-Op is great

-Maps are well designed

-Impressive visuals


-Weak storyline

-Cover system is clunky

-Bad AI

-Character animations are a bit stiff

Perfect Dark Zero has a lot of expectations riding on it, this is of course due to it being a sequel to one of the most revolutionary shooters of all time: "Perfect Dark", which came out ages ago on the N64, it and along with "Golden Eye" were what defined the "Golden Age" of shooters so to speak. That however was in the past, and today we have one of the very first next gen titles which shows off not only the power of the 360, but also has good gameplay to back it up. And while Perfect Dark Zero fails to meet the expectations and hype that was set by it's predecessor, that doesn't mean it's a bad game. Not in the slightest, what you have here is a bold shooter that has some excellent ideas and shows off what next gen is about.

The storyline follows the trail of futuristic sci-fi bounty hunter Joanna Dark once again, and her quest to rescue her father. Interestingly, Zero is set before the events in the original game which makes for a good premise. Unfortunately the storyline doesn't seem to go anywhere and you fail to learn anything substantial about Joanna's past. The main villian acts too cartoonish to be taken seriously, and the more "emotionally intense" moments fail to deliver. It leaves Zero feeling like a bit of a missed opportunity. Fortunately the campaign it's self is well done and fun enough to keep you playing.

Taking place over several different locations, Zero's campaign will send you from intense gun fights in night clubs, to sneaking into snowy Chinese mountains, to fighting your way through underwater labs, to running for your life across deserts, fighting inside dense and ancient jungle ruins, and more! Perfect Dark Zero delivers a campaign that is varied and fun to play. And best of all, you can play it with a friend! Zero supports both split screen and online co-op, this is a very nice feature and it makes the campaign even more enjoyable and each mission feels perfectly designed for two people.

Visually the game is impressive. Zero shows off the power of the 360 and gives a taste of what next gen is truly about, the textures are detailed, character models look realistic (though the animations are a bit stiff), lighting is dynamic, everything about Zero's visuals are a treat for the eyes.

Fortunately Perfect Dark Zero has the gameplay to back it up! Boasting a large selection of weapons, Perfect Dark Zero has a huge library of guns to have fun with, and each one is unique from the last and have multiple functions. From a sniper that can see enemies through walls, to a pistol clip you can throw that spins and shoots, to a sub machine gun that creates a hologram, and much, much more! Zero does not disappoint with it's weapon creativity. Each gun feels powerful to shoot and you will no doubt have fun with each one. Overall the gameplay is very solid, you can shoot and move with ease, as well as roll to avoid fire with a mere press of a button, however the cover system is a bit clunky and slow. You seem to get "stuck" to walls and objects and your movement is very limited. It was a good idea that could have used a bit more ironing out, but it's not anything that will ruin the game for you. The AI could also be better, the friendly AI will often get in your way while your enemies simply charge at you and don't use cover effectively. On harder difficulties it doesn't feel like the AI is really challenging, more like being "cheap" and they don't offer any real strategy to defeat.

The real joy of Zero however is the multiplayer. Featuring up to 32 player battles, Zero offers a solid multiplayer experience that you will certainly appreciate.The maps are well designed and they expand or shrink depending on how many players there are in a match, you can fight in subway stations, city streets, desert sands, and more. Zero also has a good amount of features and customization options such as the classic Death and Team Deathmatch, to more objective based modes as Sabotage, Onslaught, Infection, and more. You can also play Zero's multiplayer with AI bots, to which you can customize to your liking and change their behaviors and difficulties. All of this makes Zero's multiplayer experience robust and one that you can really sink your teeth into.

Final Verdict:

While Perfect Dark Zero may not live up to it's hype, it's still a shooter that is certainly enjoyable and well worth playing. It may not be the most refined shooter on the market, but it's definitely one that's worth picking up if you own a 360.

Perfect Dark Zero get's a 5/5


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