ishoturface's Perfect Dark Zero (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Beauty is only skin deep

The good: Good multiplayer - great sound - Co-op.

The bad: Graphics are good but everything looks so shiny even the dirt is - weak story - boring campaign - guns in multiplayer are very weak - some missions are very confusing.

You play as Johanna dark who is some sort of agent but its never really explained as to what type of agent.
The story is weak.
It turns out some bad guys have gotten a hold of some sort of weapon that could help them take over the world.
And of course you have to take them out... It is really just a way to kill a bunch of bad guys and kick some butt.
Now this is a prequel to the perfect dark game for the nintendo 64. Now how this is a prequel i have no idea, since the story is rather bland, boring and just plain not fun at all.

The missions can vary from anywhere to 10 minutes to around 30 minutes..
The main reason it would take you 30 minutes to complete a missions is just because levels can be very confusing. there is a blue arrow on the ground that will point you toward your objective but i never really found it useful since the arrow is kinda hard to see and sometimes it seems to just disappear.
Like i said some missions are easy some are not and some missions (meaning most) are flatout boring.

By boring i mean boring gunplay, the guns are powerful but rather hard to aim with since the sensitivity is rather odd and enemies jusr rolling and running around aimlessly make it really hard to even get your cross-hairs on them.
Enemies might seem smart by just running around and diving. But, in truth they are just plain stupid, Running right by you without shooting or diving right in front of you and looking at you like "shoot me".

There is co-op for up to two players splitscreen and two players online.
The co-op is a bit more fun than just you by yourslef with some dumb friendly AI.
The second player will play as either some girl that is Johannas friend, or as Jack Dark (Johannas dad) who is also some type of agent.

In the campaign you will see a few different types of enemies and many different weapons. Enemies like some that are in vehicles (some sort of jet pack or something) ot the hovercraft which can go on land and sea.
And speaking of weapons. There are around 25 or so weapons ranging from the standard pistol to the almighty rocket launcher. There is a sniper rifle called the "Jackal" but sniping is just plain useless since the enemies always run around and not to mention the sniper rifle is only single shot and takes up almost all your guns spaces you have.
By gunspaces i mean there are four slots where you can carry weapons, Pistols only take up one while SMG's shotguns and assault rifles take up two, while the larger weapons (rocket launcher, jackal some other sort of other sniper rifle that in its secondary mode can see through walls and the M-60) and if you carry any of those weapons you can at least carry one pistol like the heavy duty 357. python.
You can take cover in single player and multiplayer but the cover system is rather weak since you have to wait til the games says you can take cover behind a wall.

The campaign could easily take you anywhere from 6-14 hours depending on the difficulty and if you can figure out the levels easily but the average player should be able to complete it in around 8 hours on the easiest setting.

The multiplayer is probably the best part of the game even though it has its flaws.
You play with up to 16 players online or 15 other bot offline in splitscreen with some friends.
There are many modes but only 5-6 maps. But those maps can be set to be different sized maps (small, medium and large) the only reason you should probably have it set to large is if you have the full amount of bots or you dont mind walking five minutes to find someone to kill.
The game modes vary from your normal deatdmatch, teamdeatch match capture the flag and so on. But the beter games modes are in a class called darkops. These game modes are more unique, like onslaught which is where one team defends and the other attacks. The defender being able to but weapons with a certain amount of money before the attack begins. And the attackers have a preset weapon that you can choose which weapon the attackers start with.
You can also set the amount of money the defenders start with.
And there is the infection games mode, where one player starts out as the infected and tries to infect all the other players and the last person not infected wins.
Like i said earlier the weapons are very weak in the multiplayer. It can take up to 2 clips to take down an enemy. With the exception of the shotgun sniper rifles and rocket launcher. But once again sniping is useless.
The shotgun will only take two shots up close but futher away and if they have armor it might take 5-6 shots with the shotgun.
One wierd thing i found about the grenade launchers is that it tales two grenades to kill an enemy even if you are only a few feet away from them..
Now i dont know why they made the weapons so weak but i just found it a pain in the butt.

The graphics as mentioned are good, but every little surface looks like it has just been waxed and is really shiny. I did find it anmoying yo be looking at dirt or 1000 year old walls that shine like some car that just got waxed. There are also some glitches like enemies running into walls and conyinue to run into them til you kill them.
The characters also do not look so good upclose (they sure could use a makerover).

Teh sound is rather good. With a good soundtrack. And good sounding guns.
The downfall of the sound is the acting.. Just plain old not very well done.

Overall i might have bashed this game somewhat. while the singleplayer is boring and the co-op is the only really good part about doing missions, and the multiplayer being the best i do not see why you should not at least try it for yourself.

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