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I am stuck on this level the mission is to extract the computer (Dr Carroll) from the building while protecting it from the guards, Joanna is also being chased by a very angry helicopter gunship on the outside which is what always kills her and then the other guards and the female guards join in once she is dead!! any help?

#2 Posted by NTM (7321 posts) -

You didn't have to make a new one, it would have been moved elsewhere by a moderator most likely. Anyways, you're on hard aren't you? That's the only way the helicopter would be there. I don't know what to tell you other than... get better? :D How about co-op? I want a new Perfect Dark, I was just talking to my brother about that a few hours ago.

#3 Posted by Spider666 (11 posts) -

OK thanks having a bit of a fight with the female guards at the moment too see who is the dominant female lol They are unfortunately at the moment considering their are six of them lol

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