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#1 Posted by Vasta_Narada (530 posts) -

Shouldn't it be "Main Character (Minato Arisato)", just for ease of reference?

#2 Posted by dietmango (1704 posts) -

I dont know...but it cant be "Main Character (Minato Arisato)".  It can be just "Main Character" or "Minato Arisato" either way. But I don't think it matters, since you can call the character either or. I dont think it really matters now.

But I dont really know. I didnt make the page. Somebody else did. I just happened to edit the whole page, not the name.

#3 Posted by RPGGUY2500 (23 posts) -
Vasta_Narada said:
"Shouldn't it be "Main Character (Minato Arisato)", just for ease of reference?"

I think its just cause many protaginists would be alled the same thing and Minato Arisato is the manga name
#4 Posted by dietmango (1704 posts) -

Yeah same can be said for Souji Seta in Persona 4

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