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So if i am playing my second character's story and i write over the bookmark of the first one does that erase that characters story i am just a little confused by the system and with only 6 bookmarks how would it work with 13 characters

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@Adam914: If you write over one character's bookmark in another's place, the previous character will be replaced. There are 6 slots total, so you need to save in different places instead of the same one. You'll have to complete your chosen 6 first (Labrys should be one of them because she's important to fully completing them!), then move on to the others that you didn't complete yet.

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It's worth mentioning you can easily quick skip text you already read, even if you didn't save a bookmark. I'd recommend playing through one character at a time, though.

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as long as you get to the part where it says "To Be Continued" saving over a bookmark will not erase what you've done. when you pick up the next part of a character's story you can choose to start from the beginning or the cliffhanger.

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