Do people still play this online on 360?

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So I finally got around to playing Persona 4 and finished early this morning. Since I'm still on the P4 train, I think I'm finally going to pick up Arena. I would like to get the 360 version because I prefer fighters on it due to the online usually being better on 360. So those of you that have the game on 360, do people still play online?

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From what I've heard, no. PSN still has a fair amount of P4A activity.

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Sometimes I do.

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I still play this online on the 360, though having said that I haven't booted it up for a few months. I remember getting matches without too much trouble, though occasionally I'd be waiting a while. I was planning on playing some more over the christmas holidays, so I hope there are still opponents floating about.

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Not in months, but fighting games aren't really for me. I got up to rank B and just kinda stopped.

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