Does this game spoil Persona 3?

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#1 Posted by wintermute (430 posts) -

I'm almost at the True Ending of Persona 4, and I'll have finished it before I play P4A, so I'm not worried about P4 spoilers. But, I'm only about 15 hours in to Persona 3 (I haven't completed the second block of Tartarus, if that tells you anything). I heard that P4A contains P3 characters, does it contain any P3 plot spoilers?

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My friend I do not have an answer for you, But I am with you for your worries. I'm about 30 hours into P3 and would Hate to have the whole thing ruined now!

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#3 Posted by Dagbiker (7041 posts) -

I would also like to know this.

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#4 Posted by newt (97 posts) -

I'm not at the true ending of this game yet (I've only cleared Yukiko and Teddie), but it looks like it won't spoil P3 at all. P4 is more or less completely spoiled though.

The P3 characters seem more like fan service and something to round out the cast of fighters.

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Having finished Persona 3 the possibility of spoilers to me seems pretty high and I will leave it at that. Someone who has played through P4A will have to confirm this though. It sounds like you intend to finish P3 at some stage, I would recommend finishing it first before P4A since the the P3 characters return a few years after the events of P3.

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#6 Posted by Shady (511 posts) -

I thought Aigis' story has some pretty major spoilers in it?

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#7 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5164 posts) -

I haven't played P4A, but given the nature of P3's ending I can't imagine the P3 character's story modes to not have spoilers.

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#8 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (47 posts) -

I'm with GunslingerPanda.

I haven't played P4A yet, but if I were you, I'd go for the "better safe than sorry" route and finish P3 and P4 before starting Arena, just in case. :)

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#9 Posted by Adaurin (199 posts) -

It'll spoil a lot more in Persona 3 than it will Persona 4. Some of it isn't direct spoiling, but if you think about it enough you can figure out what they're getting at.

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I think as log as you hold off on the P3 characters' parts of the story you'll be good. Though there may be some minor spoilers I didn't notice.

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#11 Posted by Nux (2759 posts) -

Not having played the story with any of the P3 characters yet I can't say for sure, but seeing as the P4 story is talked about in the game I would assume the P3 story will be talked about as well, but like I said I can't say for sure. Just play it safe and avoid the P3 characters in story mode until you beat Persona 3.

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#12 Posted by Irvandus (3170 posts) -

Just based on how Persona 3 ends and some images i've seen from Arena, yes most likely Arena will spoil Persona 3. (Avoid anything you can about seeing Elizabeth in Arena.)

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@mr_shoeless: An upload of Elizabeth's P4A story has surfaced on YouTube, do not play as Elizabeth unless you want Persona 3's ending and Persona 3 The Answer's ending spoiled. There's an upload of Labrys but I've yet to see it. @vikingdeath1: @Dagbiker: @newt: @phampire:

@Adaurin said:

It'll spoil a lot more in Persona 3 than it will Persona 4. Some of it isn't direct spoiling, but if you think about it enough you can figure out what they're getting at.

Exactly right.

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