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#1 Edited by gravitypenguin (86 posts) -

The Giant Bomb Persona 4 Arena Team Tournament is here. This is a 2v2 teams side tournament for the main event run by FluxWaveZ here.

How's a 2v2 team tournament work?

It's pretty simple. The first players of each team have a match. The second match is between the winner and the second player of the other team. If the first player wins again that player's team is victorious. Otherwise the second player from both teams play the final match to determine the victor.

For clarity I'm calling the above one "team match" a round of the tournament will be 2/3 team matches.


  • Players must enter in teams of two.
  • The tournament will be played in a single elimination bracket. When you're out, you're out.
  • If a team's other member is unavailable during the event the remaining member may play alone, but can't play on behalf of their teammate (no second chances).
  • Matches will be best 2 out of 3 rounds with 99 seconds each round. Winner will be best 2 out of 3 team matches.
  • Players can choose their characters both A) At the start of a tournament round B) During the same tournament round after a match loss.
  • Team Order: Each team must choose their team order at the start of each tournament round. Team order may not be changed while the tournament round is in progress.
  • If a player drops during a round, it is up to the opponent to decide if he agrees to do a rematch or not.
  • Since I neglected to mention it in the thread title THIS IS A PS3 ONLY EVENT.


First place gets the following to split between its members as it chooses

  • $15 iTunes card
  • $25 AMC theatres card
  • $5 Starbucks card
  • 1 Month xbox live gold card

How to sign up:

For now post your team members (and team name if you like) in this thread. I'll most likely open a Challonge bracket for players to finalize their signups on in the same time-frame as the main tournament. Watch this space for updates.


Same as the main tournament. Tournament starts on Saturday, October 6th and ends on Sunday, October 7th. The tournament should start at 12:00 PM EDT.

Bracket and Times:

The bracket is here. Rounds 1 and 2 will be played Saturday. The final round will be on Sunday.

Reporting results:

Report your match results to me in IRC chat or a PM on giant bomb and I'll update the bracket.


Team NameTeam Members GBTeam Members PSN
Starfish vs. Dangogravitypenguin, Xomerogravitypenguin, Xomero
Fortune's Fools_Soki_, FluxWaveZIxGunMonkeyxI, FluxWaveZ
ELITSURUarkkkkkkk, solidoutlawyuutsushounen, rayplay
The Stream TeamTheFakePsychic, MDYuTheFakePsychic, xxnickixx
Double Golden Socksaznjon12, Grim_2_aznjon09, Grim-2-
Junes' Golden CutsYI_Orange, InfiniteSparkYI-Orange, RuriKidA
Steak in HeatBrodehouse, ServanteyBrodehouse, JGALM14
Better Late than NeverKeystone_Yinzer, C_RakestrawKeystone_Yinzer, c_rake
#2 Posted by gravitypenguin (86 posts) -

One more thing!

Feel free to use this thread to organize your teams.

#3 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19833 posts) -

I'd be interested in participating, though I don't have any teammate so I'll see what happens when the list of players is more or less filled up.

PSN ID = FluxWaveZ

Also, just fyi, but the "Team Tournament" part in the header is almost invisible on the white version of Giant Bomb.

#4 Posted by Hadoken101 (1297 posts) -

I'd be down, if anybody wants to play with a half decent Chie

PSN: Hado725

#5 Posted by aznjon12 (201 posts) -

I'm down for this and I will only accept Grim-2- as my partner...but the offer is on the table.


#6 Posted by gravitypenguin (86 posts) -

I'll team with anyone as it comes to it, but my priority targets are aznjon, xomero, and grim-2 in no particular order :)

#7 Posted by Servantey (31 posts) -

Sign me up for this one. My psn is JGalm14. as for a partner, anyone who is willing to be my partner is fine.

#8 Posted by _Soki_ (100 posts) -

I'll join this PSN: IxGunMonkeyxI

Willing to partner up with anyone.

#9 Posted by arkkkkkkk (35 posts) -

I'm in.

PSN ID: yuutsushounen

I'll be entering with my Mitsuru buddy whom I despise.

#10 Edited by YI_Orange (1239 posts) -

Sure, I'm always down for more community stuff. I'm willing to partner with anyone who wants to carry a sub-par Yosuke or get some serious underdog shit going.

#11 Posted by Brodehouse (10798 posts) -

Who wants to dance with Broooooode?! Either playing Mitsuru or Teddie if I feel good enough with him by then. If no one volunteers by tomorrow I will pick someone outta this thread. I am not a shy person when it comes to P4A.

PSN is the same.

#12 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19833 posts) -

@gravitypenguin: Question: Can we change who goes first in a team from match to match or is it a constant?

#13 Posted by TheFakePsychic (225 posts) -

I'm down to party with whoever wants the 3000th-ish ranked Naoto IN THE WOOOOORLD.

PSN: TheFakePsychic

#14 Posted by gravitypenguin (86 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

@gravitypenguin: Question: Can we change who goes first in a team from match to match or is it a constant?

For now I'm going to say static order for the whole tournament so choose wisely. My reasoning is order switching could cause confusion if the players aren't in irc or voice chat since they'd need to pass to facilitate the switch.

#15 Posted by InfiniteSpark (348 posts) -

I'll join in the team action here. I play a pretty mediocre Chie, but I'll do my best.

PSN: RuriKidA

#16 Posted by Xomero (67 posts) -

Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey; one is always aware that it lies in waits. Though life is merely a journey to the grave, it must not be undertaken without hope. Only then will a traveler's story live on, cherished by those who bid him farewell.

And with that I will enter this tournament and try to make it as far as I can.

Hopefully I my partner won't have to carry me D:

PSN ID: Xomero

#17 Posted by Phatmac (5926 posts) -

I'm in if anyone wants to be on TEAM TEDDIE!

PSN: Blazeluminos

#18 Posted by solidoutlaw (4 posts) -

I want in. My psn is rayplay. I'll be entering with arrrrrk (yuutsushounen), whom I'll probably have to carry.

#19 Posted by arkkkkkkk (35 posts) -

@solidoutlaw: Silence punk. You mean the other way around.

#20 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19833 posts) -
  • Team Name: Fortune's Fools
  • Team Members GB:_Soki_, FluxWaveZ
  • Team Members PSN:IxGunMonkeyxI, FluxWaveZ
#21 Edited by arkkkkkkk (35 posts) -

Oh right, forgot you can have a team name.

#22 Posted by MDYu (38 posts) -

I'm in but I need a team member, I'm willing to team up with anyone but I'd like to have aznjon09, Grim-2, YI_Orange, Brodehouse or TheFakePsychic if any of them like :p

PSN ID: xxnickixx

#23 Posted by YI_Orange (1239 posts) -

@Brodehouse: You wanna team up? Your Mitsuru is scary and I hate it. Also, maybe(though I doubt it, I still gotta work on my Yosuke) we can both get our Teddie game up and show these fools what that little bear is capable of.

#24 Edited by TheFakePsychic (225 posts) -

@MDYu: I'd love to team up on the condition that our team name is The Stream Team.

because it'd be funny.

and brodehouse sucks.

#25 Posted by Brodehouse (10798 posts) -
@YI_Orange Bummer for you that me and Servantey are teamin' up. On the other hand, sweet for you that I don't think I'm going to use Mitsuru. I think I'm moving my main over to Teddie, even if he is weaker. Unless someone uses Mitsuru against me, in which case, fuuuuck them mirror match.

Next Team Tourny though, you and me fuck the world over.

You should grab MDYu or Soki, they got Yu with the crazy rushdown high-low mixups. Or Sparks, he's worked me a few times.
#26 Posted by Brodehouse (10798 posts) -

Don't play with TFP though because he plays Naoto and Naoto suckssssssssss

#27 Posted by Phatmac (5926 posts) -

@TheFakePsychic: Wanna team up? :D

#28 Posted by MDYu (38 posts) -

: Sure thing man. Teammates :D

#29 Posted by _Soki_ (100 posts) -

@YI_Orange: I think you and Sparks would be a great mix, you with your crazy Yosuke and Sparks with his crazy Chie.

#30 Posted by InfiniteSpark (348 posts) -

I wouldn't say my Chie is "crazy", but I do what I can. I'd love to team up with YI_Orange if he wants to.

#31 Posted by YI_Orange (1239 posts) -

@InfiniteSpark: Sure, I'd be happy to.

#32 Edited by Grim_2_ (51 posts) -

@aznjon12 said:

I'm down for this and I will only accept Grim-2- as my partner...but the offer is on the table.


Oh hell yeah jon I'll be on you'r team, now what would be a good team name for us?


#33 Posted by aznjon12 (201 posts) -

Team Name: Double Golden Socks

Members: aznjon09, Grim-2-

#34 Posted by TheFakePsychic (225 posts) -
  • Team Name: The Stream Team
  • Team Members GB: TheFakePsychic, MDYu
  • Team Members PSN: TheFakePsychic, xxnickixx
#35 Posted by wemibelec90 (2198 posts) -

One of these days, I'll actually get over my fear of playing a fighting game online and give it a shot...

#36 Posted by InfiniteSpark (348 posts) -

Finally got around for YI and I's team entry...

#37 Posted by gravitypenguin (86 posts) -

Awesome. If we get two more teams we can have a full eight team bracket.

Also Xomero and I have a name finally :)

#38 Edited by Xomero (67 posts) -

Gravity! There should be a team called Team Nyx's Bitches.

It just rolls off the tounge!

And in this debate I can't pick but I want to say Dangos DDDD:

But but but the starfish is so mesmerizing...

#39 Posted by Xomero (67 posts) -

Oh before I forget, I'm working on getting it done but GP, Bram and Prinny are still trying to enter they're just too lazy to get on their computers.

Or things prevent them like neither one owns one and have to use their respective parents's computer. Hopefully they're being serious.

#40 Posted by arkkkkkkk (35 posts) -

I might have to drop out on the team tourney.

My partner says he's going to be busy with RL studies. Well for now, it's a 50-50. I'll let you guys know.

#41 Posted by Bloo561 (117 posts) -

i try to get my friend to enter

#42 Posted by Brodehouse (10798 posts) -

Forgot to add this

  • Team Name: Steak in Heat
  • Team Members GB: Brodehouse, Servantey
  • Team Members PSN: Brodehouse, JGALM14
#43 Posted by gravitypenguin (86 posts) -

Updated the OP with what should be the latest teams from the thread.

I also made some minor rules changes/clarifications regarding team order and character switching.

#44 Posted by gravitypenguin (86 posts) -

Hey folks, bracket's up at now. Let me know if any last minute teams want in.

#45 Posted by Keystone_Yinzer (143 posts) -

Any last minute matchups want to get on this? haha

#46 Posted by c_rakestraw (922 posts) -

@Keystone_Yinzer said:

Any last minute matchups want to get on this? haha

Are you asking for a teammate? I'd be down for it, if so.

#47 Posted by Keystone_Yinzer (143 posts) -

@C_Rakestraw: Heck yeah. Let's do this

#48 Posted by c_rakestraw (922 posts) -

@Keystone_Yinzer: All right then. All we need is a name now, I suppose. Any ideas?

#49 Posted by Keystone_Yinzer (143 posts) -

@C_Rakestraw: hmmmm

Rake Dat Keystone.

Better Late than Never,

Mash Those Buttons.

Everyday I am Autocombo-ing

Any of these or any you think up is good with me

#50 Posted by c_rakestraw (922 posts) -

@Keystone_Yinzer said:

Better Late than Never,

I like this one. Simple and accurate. Can't get much better than that.

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