GB Persona 4 Arena Tournament #4 (PS3)

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#51 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19388 posts) -

@arkkkkkkk said:

Holy crap, you beat aznjon?

Congratz MDYu.

aznjon actually forfeited, so MDYu was sent to grand finals by default. Not the way he would have wanted it, but he reached the grand finals all the same. Close matches, actually; people seemed to enjoy it.

@Phatmac said:

Which site?

GameFAQs. Will post something about it in our forums tomorrow.

#52 Posted by arkkkkkkk (32 posts) -

Oh, well why couldn't he ever have forfeited when I was up against me? He's such a tease.

#53 Posted by YI_Orange (1172 posts) -

While people were saying the first tournament was the most fun, I definitely feel like they're starting to get really tight again. For a while I was worried the skill gap was gonna get too big, but there's a lot of god damn intense matches. I look forward to future P4A stuff.

#54 Edited by TheFakePsychic (202 posts) -

Here's the grand finals of the singles tournament (with my commentary). The rest has been saved on my Twitch Archive. (Also believe me when I say you want to watch this.)

EDIT: And I realize no one cares, but that thing that I said I was going to call last night in the IRC, I did call it correctly, and it was the less happy one. I'd prefer to leave it at that.

#55 Posted by _Soki_ (99 posts) -

Wow good job guys, I missed this one, congrats to the to the victors.

#56 Posted by MDYu (37 posts) -

@TheFakePsychic: Thanks a lot partner! I watched again, trying to learn from my mistakes for the GB X GF tourney. Also you're great commentating! I liked that you knew the name of the moves (because I don't lol) and narrated what was happening.

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