How to dodge the IKs?

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#1 Posted by Hokucho (94 posts) -

Some of them I just dont know what conditions they are to activate. I have some of them down, but I dont know how to avoid all the IKs. Anyone help?

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#2 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

You should be more specific on which ones you're having trouble with. A lot of them can simply be blocked, where the others are avoided in several different ways.

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#3 Posted by PerfidiousSinn (909 posts) -

They're all different, but what you need to know first is the startup so you know to start countering.

Aigis: She starts it off by leaping in the air and shooting bullets diagonally downward. You can either get as close to her as possible or get behind her, and all the bullets will miss.

Akihiko: His Instant Kill pulls you towards Caesar, and you lose if you touch him. So jump away and backdash so it doesn't get you.

Elizabeth: It's a counter, don't hit her when you see the white circle appear. If you hit her thrice it'll activate.

Kanji: Walks forward slowly then grabs you. Try to either get behind him or get as far away from him as possible.

Mitsuru: This hits from anywhere, but is blockable. So block it.

Naoto: This one is kinda difficult to avoid. Crosshairs appear all over the screen, and you're done if you step into them. Try getting really far away from her since the highest density of crosshairs seems to be near her.

Narukami: Looks pretty savage and covers the whole screen, but you can block it. When you see him activate, just get on that crouching block.

Shadow Labrys: It's a grapple move, so don't let her grab you when the gauge is activated. Stay far away!

Teddie: His Persona drops down from the ceiling, fairly close to his character. Again, get behind him with an Evasive Action, or get at least half-screen distance.

Yosuke: His Persona shoots a huge whirlwind in front of him. The only way I know of to avoid this is getting behind him since the area is so large. (Also applies to Chie's)

Yukiko: Her Persona dashes forward and if it hits you, activates the Instant Kill. Just block it.

So for the most part you want to get behind them when you see the Instant Kill startup.

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#4 Posted by YI_Orange (1330 posts) -

Just to add to the post above, you can block and out range Yosuke's. Pretty sure you can block Aigis' too. For naoto, go into practice or challenge mode and do the instant kill a few times and pay attention. The crosshairs always go to the same spots I believe, so find the safe zone.

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#5 Posted by TheFakePsychic (255 posts) -

You can block Chie's and Yosuke's, and the tip for Naoto's is to stand about halfway in between Sukuna-Hikona and the back edge of the screen.

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#6 Posted by Bigheart711 (1272 posts) -

I managed to screw Akihiko's Insta-Kill by using the bat (as Teddie) and hitting his Persona while trying to backstep away from him. Hitting Ceaser with about any ranged attack could work, but you'll also have to back away from him in the proccess too.

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