I cannot figure out some of the combos.

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I am currently trying to go through challenge mode with some of the characters and I cannot for the life of my figure out how to do the combos when the opponent is jumping. I always seem to have a hard time timing it and then the computer will do an air reset. Does anyone have any tips on the button timing? The demonstration is nice for showing me how it's supposed to look when I completely succeed, but without it showing button presses it doesn't help too much. Do I wait until a hit has finish? Hit all the buttons in quick succession? I am specifically stuck on challenge 19 for Yukiko.

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If they're air teching, you're hitting them too high. Wait for them to start falling from the peak of their jump.

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That helped a ton, thank you. I kept trying to time it so I would keep them in the air as long as possible. Now I'm stuck on 21, and I think I have to wait for my fight stick to come in the mail. It's way too hard to hit the "one more" buttons and continue the combo. Fighting games are so hard for me to grasp.

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