Jeff predicted this game would be made during the Endurance Run!

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In the Persona 4 Endurance Run episode 96, towards the end of the episode Jeff says "They should make a Persona fighting game," to which Vinnie replies "Yeah, I'm working on it right now." The in game calendar was this Friday, 9/2/2011. COINCIDENCE?!

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Can't you see!!?!?

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That's not a prediction, dude.

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That's not a prediction, dude.

Maybe you could call it a deadly



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I love this thread.

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@TeflonBilly: Marry me
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I love this thread.

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That's not a prediction, dude.

Maybe you could call it a deadly



im fucking crying from laughing so hard.
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@TeflonBilly: Holy shit, we've got a strong contender for post of the year.

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@TeflonBilly:  Pure genius.
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You're brilliant.
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@TeflonBilly: dude you win that made this shitty vacation just a little better lol im in tears

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@TeflonBilly: For today, you have won the internet.

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Wonderful thread.

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This thread makes me happy.

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@TeflonBilly: Ummm Followed?!

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@TeflonBilly: FUCK. YES. FOLLOWED.

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This officially has turned into a We Love TeflonBilly thread.

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@TeflonBilly: Fuuuuck.  You killed it with that one.
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@TeflonBilly: Yep. You win this thread. Nice work. 
Anyway... yeah... Persona fighting game. I didn't know this series had enough characters to make a fighting game, but I guess so. 
In the meantime, Capcom, make a Mega Man fighting game. I want to beat the shit out of X with Zero for being so fucking naive and not-awesome.

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No words can describe the pure genius!
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@TeflonBilly: Just... brilliant!

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@TeflonBilly: you are the greatest of all time.

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@G3RHRT said:

This officially has turned into a We Love TeflonBilly thread.

And with good reason.
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@TeflonBilly: you are so amazing....  FOLLOWED!
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@TeflonBilly: You win. 
But yeah, that's a kind of weird coincidence.
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Aw shucks you guys, you're gonna give me a big head.

I'm gonna ride all this fame and glory to the top, but then quickly let it all go to my head and stoop to the gutter until I embarrass myself and die, fat and drugged up on the can just like Elvis did. LIVING THE DREAM!

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We expect nothing less!
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Im sure in the name of satire Jeff suggested an idea that seemed so stupid and farfetched it couldn't possible ever happen, and then Atlus made it.

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So... this TeflonBilly guy, I hear he's awesome.

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@TeflonBilly: It's been a while since I've followed someone for sheer awesomeness.

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@TeflonBilly: You are a god among men.

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@TeflonBilly: You awesome post has won you this:
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I think TeflonBilly is a pretty cool guy. eh likes to be funny and doesnt afraid of anything.

@TeflonBilly: I LOVE YOU. 
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@TeflonBilly: Hah, mighty fantastic mate!

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