New Patch: September 28th

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Atlus just tweeted out that there has been a new patch released for the 360 and PS3 versions of Persona 4 Arena, fixing up some issues and balance.

The only unfortunate thing is I can't find patch notes. I'm trying to find some and will edit this... as soon as I know what's been changed.

Hopefully there are some Mitsuru nerfs and mad amounts of Naoto buffs but what do you guys think about it?


  • Most reports I'm reading are just saying that it's fixing the wacky IK bugs. Which, while important, is a touch disappointing if that's all it is.
  • Atlus just said that it also fixed a bug preventing some people from getting the Network Level 30 achievement/trophy
  • Yukiko Fire Break/Agidyne glitch ( fixed
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I think that the size of that patch was way too small to be any hardcore balancing. I assumed it was something stupid like new DLC colors.

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@TheFakePsychic said:

It seems like the most major change was the fixing of this glitch:

But hey, I guess that's technically enough of a change for it to be a "balance change."

Why would they do that? How it Teddie going to break games now...

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That's all the patch does? I mean fixing bugs and all is good but I didn't even knew that Yukiko had an unblockable glitch.

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@Grim_2_ said:

That's all the patch does? I mean fixing bugs and all is good but I didn't even knew that Yukiko had an unblockable glitch.

It's not unblockable it just breaks the game if you're that much of an ass.

Edit: Actually I forgot about that unblockable glitch. Bramlbo just did it to me too. Thought it was all just IK glitch shenanigans.

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I like how the patch notes were basically "we fixed some stuff" because...there were no patch notes.

j/k I hate that

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Yeah with the size of the update, I think it was just small thinks like Yukiko's glitches. How she breaks the game and gets two unblockables and other silly things. I freaked when I saw it and thought oh no! Don't touch my Chie!

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