Official Persona 4 Arena Thread of Creating Social Links

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#151 Posted by Phatmac (5927 posts) -

@davidwitten22: skype?

#152 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

@Phatmac: yeah i have it, but I can't do group voice. But even group text chat is better than our current setup. My skype name is davidjwitten.

#153 Posted by Phatmac (5927 posts) -

giantbomb irc?

#154 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

@Phatmac said:

giantbomb irc?

good idea. i'm on, we should let the others know i guess?

#155 Edited by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

System: PS3

ID: Hailinel

Skill Level: Beginner

Time PST, in the evenings, though I may be online only sporadically. Weekends are also a possibility.

#156 Posted by InfiniteGeass (2150 posts) -
Loading Video...


#157 Posted by Keystone_Yinzer (143 posts) -

Great fighting tonight guys. Duder s-rank up

#158 Posted by _Soki_ (100 posts) -

@Keystone_Yinzer: Yeah it was fun looking forward to doing it again.

#159 Posted by DarkShaper (1370 posts) -

System: PS3

Name: DarkShaper

Skill Level: Beginner (But I am bad a judging myself)

Time Zone: EST

#160 Posted by Rabid619 (1124 posts) -

I don't think I'll be ready to go online for a little bit yet, but this sounds like a good idea.

System: PS3

Name: Rabid619

Skill Level: Beginner

Best time for play: Evenings (EST)

#161 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Updated through page 5, will do specific requests to change and the rest of the pages tonight.

#162 Posted by Stink_Meaner (66 posts) -

System: PS3

Name: GunforceSG

Skill Level : Beginner

Time Available: CST 7pm to 10pm

#163 Posted by SmasheControllers (2951 posts) -

I'd love someone who's willing to teach me a bit, my info's on the first post.

#164 Posted by Phatmac (5927 posts) -

Anyone wanna fight in a lobby?

#165 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19834 posts) -

@Phatmac: You should join davidwitten22's lobby if you have him on your friends list.

#166 Posted by Phatmac (5927 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ: We should use the irc to talk.

#167 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

@Phatmac said:

@FluxWaveZ: We should use the irc to talk.

Three of us are in the irc atm

#168 Posted by DonChipotle (3308 posts) -

Good matches tonight, duders! Had a lot of fun even when I lost!

#169 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19834 posts) -

Yeah, that was a ton of fun.

#170 Posted by InfiniteSpark (360 posts) -

Awesome matches all-around tonight! Had a great time playing and watching others play too.

#171 Posted by TheFakePsychic (237 posts) -

Every match was so even! I had a great time. (No videos this time though...)

#172 Edited by Peanut (964 posts) -

I haven't gotten in on this yet, but can I just say I'm super glad there's a really great community of people in the Persona areas of GB? I've played with a few people and they've been super nice. I did a small amount of chatting in the MvC3 forums when that game came out (I'm not that into fighting games and typically only gravitate to ones based on already established franchises) and it wasn't the greatest place. I'm super intimidated by fighting games, so it's great to have nice people around to make it fun.

#173 Posted by Beadoy (24 posts) -

System: Xbox 360

Gamertag: Chinese Farmer

Skill level: Beginner

Time: CST Mornings and evenings

#174 Posted by TheOrz (19 posts) -

So I hear popularity leads to intimacy.

System: Playstation 3

Gamertag: SgtGoku

Skill level: Beginner

Time: CST Evenings

#175 Edited by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Updated! If I forgot anyone please reply and let me know.

I played against WheredyagoDavey last night I believe, good games duder. I'm struggling with the timing of everything but we had some good matches.

#176 Posted by Brydello (950 posts) -

System: 360

Gamertag: Henry Hatsworth

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate. I've played other fighting games but I am getting ROCKED at this.

#177 Posted by Ginkan (5 posts) -

System: 360

Gamertag: Mr Ho28

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: EST Weekends Evenings

#178 Posted by RetroVirus (1613 posts) -

System: PS3

Id: DarthSmasher

Skill: Beginner

Time: CDT, mostly mid afternoons and evenings.

#179 Posted by Lost_Remnant (303 posts) -

System: 360

Gamertag: Lost Remnant

Skill: Beginner. Only Arc system work fighting game I played much previously was Guilty Gear XX Reload on the original Xbox, never got into Blazblue. Been most of a Street Fighter player in my fighting game history. Don't know if that's relevant but thought I'd just put that out there.

Time: CST, early afternoon to evenings is usually good times.

#180 Posted by TheOtherBelmont (44 posts) -

System: PS3

Gamertag: TheOtherBelmont

Skill: Beginner

Time: CST, Late night on Mon-Friday, Afternoon and evenings on Sat and Sun

#181 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1359 posts) -

System: Xbox 360

Gamertag: NoobSauceG7

Skill level: Beginner

Time: EST

#182 Posted by quicklookman (89 posts) -

system ps3

ID megadethendgame (stupid name)

skill level intermediate

time evenings and weekends

#183 Edited by DivineShadow777 (108 posts) -



Skill Level= SPAM X WITH LAMBDA-11


Im also From NY if anyone cares!

#184 Posted by korkesh (138 posts) -



Skill Level= beginner to intermediate

Time = EST

#185 Posted by Brodehouse (10827 posts) -
@bretthancock If people feel unsure about randomly friending dudes or sending fight requests out of the blue, they can join our IRC room and set up 1v1 sparring or a big lobby or whatever. The more of us using it, the more we can play together!

Room name is #GB_P4A
#186 Posted by Gunrock (155 posts) -

System: PS3

Id: MDragoon

Skill level: Beginner

Time: MDT

#187 Posted by Tan (427 posts) -

System: Xbox360

Id: TanTheTiger

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: EST, Monday+Tuesday all day, thursday-friday before 2 PM and weekends after 5PM.

#188 Posted by yami4ct (186 posts) -



Mid/High Beginner (After a few online matches, I now realize I'm not a true beginner)

Time: Most of the time EST. I won't have an amazing connection until I move back to school end of the month, but most of the time it's playable.

#189 Posted by Hadoken101 (1592 posts) -

Console: PS3

ID: Hado725

Slightly above beginner? I don't just auto-combo I guess

EST Available most of the day

#190 Posted by SteepInKline (197 posts) -

System: Xbox 360

Gamertag: SteepInKline

Skill Level: Beginner/Yo-I've-played-fighting-games-but-I'm-no-master-of-them-least-of-all-P4-Arena

Time: EST, I move back to school on the 24th, so my online presence will be reduced after then. Until then, I'm on whenevs.

#191 Posted by INFINITE_CASH (197 posts) -

System: PS3

PSN: meganeox

Skill Level: beginner

Time: EST

#192 Edited by eightboy (5 posts) -

System: Xbox360 (Europe)

Id: eightboy

Skill Level: Pretty good in Marvel but completely new in Arcsys Games

Time: Evenings in Europe

#193 Posted by OneManX (1709 posts) -

System: PS3 (USA)

PSN: OneManX

Skill Level: Beginner, but I'm learning stuff

Time: EST

#194 Posted by Hokucho (94 posts) -

System: 360

GT: Hokucho

Skill Level: A lot worse then I thought

Time: MTN

#195 Posted by kmalong (2 posts) -

System: PS3 (U.S.)

PSN: Ryu329

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: PHT

#196 Edited by ChadMasterFlash (1000 posts) -

System: 360  

GT: ChadMasterFlash  

Skill Level: Beginner  

Time: PST anytime.

#197 Posted by GPink (63 posts) -

System: XBox 360

GT: GVPink

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: Anytime I'm on.

#198 Posted by so_zetta_slow (4 posts) -

System: PS3

PSN: So__Zetta__Slow

Skill: Low to Mid Level

Time: Tue/Wed/Thurs all day

#199 Posted by OptimalPower (156 posts) -

A bit late but feel free to add me.

GB: OptimalPower

Console: 360

Gametag: OptimalPower

Skill: Experienced (I think?)

Available anytime.

#200 Edited by DocHaus (2157 posts) -

[Implying anyone still checks this list.]

Picked this thing up on sale recently. Been fiddling around with S. Labrys a bit.

Xbox Live tag is Kleptobot. I might have a few of you on friends list already from MvC3, BB or other games, but in case not here I am.

Skill: Intermediate

Time zone: EST, can usually find me on late nights.

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