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I felt this was something important since it really does change some properties on how the characters play now and also show that Arc is paying attention to any problems with their systems.

I'll try and keep up on some news on future patches but if you like to pitch in go right ahead.

These notes are from a translation by DevilTrigger from themayonakamidnight.comforums.

+ Buff

- Nerf

= Neutral

? Unknown

System Changes

Pound Combo [5A repeatedly]: At the end of the match, the third hit of a renda combo will no longer grant a burst increase bonus

Skill Boost [EX]:Limits SP gauge increase, builds meter when used

Fear state: Can no longer throw escape while in Fear state.

Max Burst: Burst Gauge consumption changed from 68%→67% when used

SP-consuming techniques: When a SP-consuming move is used as the first hit of a combo, the SP gauge increase limit continues during the combo

Mini-jump: Cannot cancel with Skills, etc. during the beginning of a mini-jump

Character Changes

Yu Narukami

+ j.2A: Added a P Combo (chain combo) route to Jump D

+ j.D: Yu’s descent timing is faster

- 2B: Hitbox has been adjusted; recovery time is increased slightly

? Ziodyne [236236C or D] (D version): Screen freeze timing is now the same as the C version; freeze time is increased

Yosuke Hanamura

? 5A: Hittable box has been adjusted

? 2A: Hittable box has been adjusted

- Sweep [2A+B]: Recovery time has been increased

+ (During Sukukaja) 5B, 5C, 2C, j.C: Can now be jump-cancelled

Chie Satonaka

- 5B: Fatal Counter property removed

- Skull Cracker [During Rampage, 236A or B] (SB version): Pushback on the second hit is larger

+ All Skills and SP Skills: All are Fatal Counter moves during Charge

+ Hyper Counter [B+D, Air OK]: The attack damage boost during Charge applies

? God Hand [236236C or D]: The scaling on the first hit has been strengthened.

- God Hand [236236C or D]: Chie incurs counter-hit state until the end of the move

Yukiko Amagi

? 2A: Total number of frames reduced

+ Pound Combo, 2nd hit: Start-up speed is faster

? Maragi [236C or D] (SB version): The attack start-up and Persona recovery time are now the same as the D version

Kanji Tatsumi

+ 5B: On ground hit and on guard, there is no pushback; pulls the opponent closer on counter-hit

+ j.A: Hitbox has been strengthened

+ Ground throw: Easier to use during dash inertia; damage increased

- Shuddap! [B+D]: Attack active frames decreased; recovery time increased

= Gotcha! [236C or D] (C version): Faces the opponent when done while crossing over

+ Gotcha! [236C or D] (D version): Persona is invincible during standby

+ Tatsumi-Style Peacemaking[236236A or B]: The falling chair after the attack builds SP Gauge on hit or on guard

Kuma (Teddie)

= All D attacks (Dr. Pepper NEO): SP build amount is doubled

+ All D attacks (Denden Taiko): Now increases SP Gauge on hit or guard (originally did not)

- All D attacks (Mystery Food X): No longer builds SP

Naoto Shirogane

= Fate Counter: At the beginning of the round, recovery speed is increased

? Shield of Justice [B+D]: When catching an attack, the hit stop forced on the opponent is based on the respective move’s hitstop.

+ Megido [214C or D] (C version): Untechable time greatly increased.

- Megido [214C or D] (C version): Same-attack scaling is strengthened

- Megido [214C or D] (D Version): Guard stun slightly decreased; bug which caused the explosion part of the move to disappear until it hit the opponent is fixed

+ Rifle: Rank 1[236236A, Air OK]: Length of the silence effect on hit is increased

+ Rifle: Rank 2[236236B, Air OK]: Length of the fear effect on hit is increased

+ Hamaon, Mudoon [236236C/D]: When the Unmei Counter is at 0, the opponent does not build Burst gauge on hit; when the Unmei Counter is at 0, The time count stops on hit

Mitsuru Kirijo

+ 2B: Invincibility against jump attacks starts up faster

+ 2D: Hitbox size is increased

- j.A: Hittable box has been adjusted; untechable time on counter-hit has been decreased

- Coup Droit [[4]6A or B] (A version): Mitsuru incurs counter-hit damage until the end of the move

+ Setsuna Samidare Geki [236236A or B]: Attack start-up speed is faster

? Bufudyne [236236C or D]: Hitbox has been adjusted

+ Mabufudyne [214214C or D]: The delayed start-up frames when the Persona is off-screen have been decreased; the range where the Persona will not warp is wider

Akihiko Sanada

- Infinite Block String has been removed

- 5B: Same-attack scaling has been increased slightly

- j.B: Same-attack scaling has been increased slightly

- j.C: Recovery time and landing recovery have been increased.

+ j.C: The air reset on counter-hit is higher (larger ground bounce on CH basically)

+ All D attacks: Pull airborne opponents closer

- Weaving [214C or D; (After Kill Rush) 4C or D] (C version): Lv0 Corkscrew and other follow-up attacks will not come out

+ Sweep [2A+B] after follow-up to all Skills: Start-up is faster, now low state from the beginning of the move

+ Thunder Fist [236236C or D]: Causes paralysis when blocked

+ Earth Breaker [222C+D]: Pulls in airborne opponents


+ Mode Change [22A or B] (B Version): When cancelling Orgia mode, the Orgia gauge builds slightly

+ Great Shield of the Goddess [236236C or D] (C Version): Aigis’s pushbox has been removed during the forward charge

- Isan Kaihou Heiki Palladion [222C+D]: Instant Kill Technique can longer be used in a combo


= Icon: Icon position has been adjusted

+ Agidyne [214C or D] (C, D version): Elizabeth’s recovery time is shorter

+ Memento Mori [214214C or D]: Lowest guaranteed damage is now 50%


= Icon: Icon position has been adjusted

- Axe Level: Axe Level does not increase at the end of a round

+ Goshiki Slash Axe [B+D]: Can now be charged by holding B+D before the attack; at maximum charge, the move forces counter-hit , causes a wall bound

+ Guillotine Axe [214A or B]: Counter hit state during recovery has been removed

+ String Arts "Tsurugi" [22A or B or C or D] (B, C, D version): Labrys’s total recovery is now the same as the A version

+ String Arts "Moujuu" [214214C or D]: Attack start-up is faster

Shadow Labrys

+ Guillotine Axe [214A or B]: Counter hit state during recovery has been removed

+ Goshiki Slash Axe [B+D]: Attack start-up is faster

+ Brutal Impact [214214A or B] (A Version): Attack start-up is faster; recovery time is shorter

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The game is getting a patch already? Dang.

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@JJOR64 said:

The game is getting a patch already? Dang.

This is the second patch, actually; the game's arcade version is 1.02.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

@JJOR64 said:

The game is getting a patch already? Dang.

This is the second patch, actually; the game's arcade version is 1.02.

Damn. Now if only Capcom could do that. #Kappa

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