Persona 4 Arena finally coming to Europe!

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#51 Posted by Evan223 (108 posts) -

I'm rather annoyed that the vinyl is a GAME exclusive, I've had the game on preorder from a local mom and pop shop since it's original September release date, getting shafted for supporting a local business on a game that is extremely late is a piss take.

#52 Posted by EvilKatarn (477 posts) -

It's pretty cool how the game was delayed so long for the entirety of Europe but only UK gets the sweet vinyl.

#54 Edited by mwng (1031 posts) -

Appears to be an actual limited edition set for release too. No word what's in it yet.

#55 Edited by Ennosuke (63 posts) -

It seems like we Germans get nothing "special", just the normal version. Which means I have to buy the UK version :D

But anyway I am curious what is in this box ^^

#56 Edited by Petiew (1384 posts) -

The special edition is going to be a vial of anthrax that shatters when the box is opened along with an individual handwritten note "Thinking of you Europe, love Atlus - This message will self destruct in 5 seconds"

#57 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

It's Persona 5.

#58 Edited by mwng (1031 posts) -

I was kinda hoping it was filled with the last 10 months, it'd be nice to have those back.

#59 Edited by Mustachio (255 posts) -

So I guess it's retailing for £34.99, then? No thanks Atlus, I can wait.

#60 Edited by Petiew (1384 posts) -

@mustachio: Seriously? Wasn't it a couple of pounds cheaper when it was first announced, and was the same until just a few days ago?

I know Zen need to actually make a profit off of this, especially since sales will be much lower now, but if they really did increase the price it's only going to make the already hella angry dudes on their backs even angrier.

#61 Edited by Mustachio (255 posts) -

@petiew: Both Amazon and Game are now listing it as £34.99. Maybe Amazon was just estimating the price, but when Game was given a proper retail price Amazon matched it? Either way, it's too much in my eyes.

#62 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -

As someone who lives in America and has had the game since launch week, outside looking in, I'd say the way Atlus handled this has been terrible. They seem to treat their European fans with such disrespect and it's gross. Especially considering the quality of their games.

#63 Posted by Happenstance (492 posts) -

I wish they would stop teasing stuff and just let us know whats coming out and how many versions there will be. I'd like to know if the Limited Edition that ive already preordered is the same one as this extra stuff is going to be in or if I will have to cancel and reorder again.

#64 Posted by Canteu (2890 posts) -

My xbox live sub runs out in June, which i won't be renewing. Literally no point for me to pick up a 9 month old fighting game, only being able to play it for a month.

I was expecting to buy it release day last year... I would have gotten my moneys worth then.

#65 Posted by Happenstance (492 posts) -

Just got my copy, so nice to finally be playing this. Despite having watched the anime though where Yu is voiced its still a bit weird having him talk in this. I wonder if they will give the protagonist a voice in Persona 5.

#66 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

I got mine yesterday. Really liking it, hard to believe it's actually here.

@happenstance: Man, every time he opened his mouth I just got really confused. Like 'Hold on, what? Oh, right.' I think playing his story would be too much for me. On voice acting, I don't mind the new Chie or Teddie, or Labrys' accent.

#67 Edited by Mustachio (255 posts) -

I think it would be interesting to get some numbers on who in Europe is buying it and who in America still plays it, so we can tell how busy GB fightan' could be.

#68 Edited by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

@chibithor: I avoided watching the endurance run until now as I was always planning on playing the game myself and didn't want it spoiled. Ended up playing the Vita version, which has the new voice actors in - the old ones sound weird to me.

Very strange that the MC talks in this though.

#69 Edited by Chibithor (584 posts) -

@gs_dan: Persona 4 without this isn't the Persona 4 I know:

Loading Video...

#70 Posted by Happenstance (492 posts) -

I think I got used to the new voices playing through Golden so I dont really notice the change anymore.

Got to say though I'm not great at the game so far! Think I've been playing too much Injustice so I need to stop thinking like I'm still on that.

#71 Edited by Neurotic (635 posts) -

Got a few games in but, as one might expect, not too many people online.

#72 Edited by casper_ (915 posts) -

if you guys want to check out tech/tutorials/combos/whatever in P4a, Blazblue or Guilty Gear (they have a great Vsav section as well) i recommend the Dustloop forums

#73 Edited by BoOzak (1047 posts) -

Well i've pre-ordered it, sure it's a year late but so was Demon's Souls and Catherine. Sometimes you just have to be happy you're getting the game at all. And not buying it isnt giving them a message that they should prioritise Europe. They want money, they're not shipping a year late just to spite you. If the market's there they'll pay more attention. (stop being babies is basicly what i'm saying)

@mustachio: I dont think Atlus will get that message, it requires a bit too much research unfortunately.

#74 Posted by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

@chibithor: Oh jesus that's awful.

I haven't gotten to a point in the endurance run when that happens yet.

#75 Edited by Petiew (1384 posts) -

@boozak: Agreed, I think the boycott is also kind of stupid for that fact that it's punishing PQube who had nothing to do with the delay, and is completely not affecting Atlus, the ones responsible for the delay, who could have changed the couple lines of code a bit quicker. It's fair not to be interested in the game anymore and just not want to buy it (Which I did with Catherine) but an express stick it to the man boycott never works, and in this specific case is misguided. I'm sure 90% of the guys boycotting this will import Persona 5 the first chance they get as well, giving money directly to Atlus, kind of undermining the whole principle

@neurotic: Well, it's not officially out until tomorrow, I'd guess most people won't get it until at least then. Should be more people online starting tomorrow night.

#76 Edited by RPGee (775 posts) -

It's arrived in Australia, and I'm happy to say it's pretty good. A bit odd hearing not-original-Chie and not-Charlie-Yu (who is voiced by Adachi's voice actor, if I'm not mistaken) but I think it's awesome.

#77 Edited by mwng (1031 posts) -

Got mine today too, it's officially out Friday, so expect folks online over the weekend. Not sure who to play, still getting over the fact it's actually here.

The vinyl soundtrack looks pretty snazzy up close too...

#78 Posted by Mustachio (255 posts) -

@boozak said:

@mustachio: I dont think Atlus will get that message, it requires a bit too much research unfortunately.

I should have specified I meant a community-based showing of hands to see who's still up for playing P4A. The threads in the P4A forum have certainly quietened down quite a bit, which isn't too surprising, but it would be a shame for all the European bombers to finally be able to play and find everyone else bored with it.

#79 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1156 posts) -

I'm from Canada and still play it, feel free to add me if you guys are PSN folks:

PSN ID: xLLeg3ndX

If you catch me online, shoot me an invite and I will gladly play / spar with you European players. Let's try to keep this game alive until EVO is over.

#80 Posted by Nikoran (171 posts) -

I'm going to be playing (hopefully) tonight on PS3. I'm in Europe, a bit of a novice when it comes to fighting games but I'm in it to have fun!

PSN: Nikoran_

#81 Edited by Make_Me_Mad (3218 posts) -

I still play this regularly and am always looking for an excuse to do it some more. Add me if you guys feel like playing sometime! I'd love to play against some EU Duders.

PSN ID: Make_Me_Sad

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