Persona 4 Arena's European Limited Edition Revealed

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Zen United have finally revealed details for Persona 4 Arena's European LE release. Only available at Zen United's online store, the special edition will contain:

  • A copy of the Game
  • A copy of the Arranged Soundtrack
  • 3 Badges based on the badges of Chie's tracksuit jacket
  • A Midnight Channel Tote bag
  • A Teddie/TV dual keychain
  • 300 Piece puzzle featuring 'Exclusive' Artwork.

All that can be yours... for £49.99. Oh, and don't forget that if you pre-order, you can get your slap in the face digital fan pack of Wallpapers and Icons too!

Persona 4 Arena's 9 month delay finally comes to an end on May 10th.

#2 Posted by Neurotic (632 posts) -

I had to laugh at the jigsaw. Really? I haven't done one of those in over a decade. The rest is actually kind of cool. Except not for £60. Not 9 months later. And still no mention of the DLC packs. I can't imagine they will be available Day 1 for purchase, let alone some sort of bonus for pre-ordering or whatever.

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Yeah Im just gonna stick with my ShopTo preorder. None of that other stuff they are adding is worth it. I was really hoping we would get a nice statue or figure.

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#5 Posted by A_Dog (744 posts) -

...I kinda want that jigsaw puzzle.

#6 Posted by Random88 (284 posts) -

This edition of the game is not worth £60. My current preorder of the standard edtion is £30. Don't really want to pay double for some badges, a keyring, a bag and a jigsaw puzzle.

#7 Posted by Chibithor (574 posts) -

I was hoping for posters or something, I love the box art but it's not enough to justify the price for me.

And a puzzle? I don't get it. Guess you could say I'm puzzled. Haha!

#8 Posted by mwng (941 posts) -

Dawg, I heard you liked games in your game.

Probably sticking to the Game order, as the vinyl is cool in a silly way. The badges are also kinda cool too, but £60 (without shipping) is more than a little difficult to justify for them...

#9 Edited by BigJeffrey (5025 posts) -

I WISH I was in the UK for this. Someone in the UK pre order this for me and i'll send you the money. Just For THAT VINYL

#10 Posted by Atta (136 posts) -

looking forward to the day where a limited edition doesn't include the game anymore

#11 Posted by TooWalrus (13219 posts) -

I think everything in this bundle is silly, aside form the chie pins and soundtrack.

#12 Posted by Sanj (2404 posts) -

Hmm, I think I'll stick with the vinyl i'm getting with the GAME pre-order.

#13 Posted by DazzHardy (727 posts) -

So, the Arrange Soundtrack is in all Pre-Ordered copies, and if I order it from GAME I get a Vinyl of the AST too ? And, with postage, ordering from GAME costs about half what Zen are charging for the limited edition. So it's £30 for a Jigsaw, some badges, a keyring and a kinda cheap looking bag ?

I think I'll stick with GAME, and save the £30 for maybe getting some of the DLC.

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I'm amazed they could fuck this up so thoroughly. None of the cosmetic DLC, nothing even remotely interesting, but instead there's a Jigsaw. A jigsaw. I'm still having trouble registering that this is even a thing.

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@mustachio: I imagine the jigsaw will make for some AMAZING unboxing videos on youtube though! Like 30 minutes of jigsawing! Or whatever the verb to do jigsaw is.

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Pretty dissapointing, really would like to have those Chie pins to put on my hat though, can probably get things like those somewhere else though. And I can't even get the vinyl, wich actually looks pretty cool, because I'm not living in the UK. *sigh* I guess it's normal edition for me. Well atleast I'll probably get it on the release-date then...

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Zen have just updated to say that the original price was meant to be £49.99, not £60. They're reimbursing the difference to anyone who preordered at the incorrect price.

Still don't think it's worth it at £49.99, honestly. Sticking to the Amazon preorder I've had since last August!

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Im not giving my money to Zen directly. Going to stick with ozgameshop. plus who knows if they would even ship it to aus :(

Sucks the Vinyl is Game UK only.

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