Persona 4 Arena Xbox/PS3 Friends list (Europe Edition)

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Hurray! European duders can finally get their copy of Persona 4 Arena, and this friends list seems like a must since the NA activity seemed to have died.

So please provide: Console, Gamertag/PSN ID, Skill Level and Availability/Time Zone/Region (if possible). If you are from NA and still play, please feel free to add your name here as well but please indicate that you are from NA. Let's keep this game alive (if possible).

GB UsernameConsoleGT/PSNSkill LevelAvailability/Time Zone/Region
Make_Me_MadPS3Make_Me_SadLoves IKsUSA
IrrelevantJohnPS3xLLeg3ndXI play this a lotCanada, EST
WarlordPaynePS3WarlordPayneIntermediateUSA, PDT
MustachioPS3Paradox_ViperRookieBritain, GMT
ChibithorPS3ChibithorLowFinland (GMT+3)
PK_Koopa360Nocturnal DeityRookieBritain, GMT
NeuroticPS3NeuroticNumber4DecentUK, GMT
XenoNick360XenoNickDecentUK GMT
PetiewPS3Petie_wBeginnerUK, GMT
lord_canti360lord_canti91rookieuk, gmt
VadePS3NGentPretty goodFinland
sionweeksPS3mr_spurs_16BeginnerBritain, GMT
RPGeePS3RPGee11BeginnerAustralia, UST+10:00
mwng360MwngyTerribleUK, GMT
BoOzak360BoOzAkBadUK, GMT
DevoidPS3DevoidEliteMore than Average?Australia, UTC+10:00
Sosas360Sosas95DecentSweden +1 GMT
Ghost249PS3Ghost259BlazblueUSA, GMT-07:00
Killercombo360King of ClassyAEUK
DocHaus360KleptobotIntermediateUSA, EST
sameoldstuff360sameoldstuffBeginner+UK (GMT Time)
wemibelec90360wemibelec090terribleUSA, CDT
Oni360GB OniBad!Netherlands
VextroidPS3VextroidBeginnerAustralia (GMT+10)
ScrabbleUKPS3ScrabbleUKBeginnerUK, GMT
FoolishoverlordPS3FoolishoverlordOKUK GMT
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Console: PS3

PSN: WarlordPayne

Skill Level: Intermediate, I guess

Region: USA, PDT

I got the game around 3 months ago so I couldn't really play online without getting my ass kicked, I'm really looking forward to getting to play with people that might not immediately destroy me.

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Console: PS3

PSN: Paradox_Viper

Skill Level: Rookie

Region: Britain, GMT

Should have this on Monday or Tuesday when it arrives via Amazon. I have little to no experience with fighters so I'm considering this my first proper foray into the genre. Here's hoping I don't get utterly destroyed.

#4 Posted by LostDonuts (24 posts) -

PSN - (...) Never mind. I have the PS3 version, PM me if you want to play with me! And trust me if you will want to add me.

#5 Posted by cutyoface (579 posts) -

Console: PS3

PSN: asweetlegend

Skill Level: Rookie

Region: Holland

#6 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

Console: PS3

PSN: Chibithor

Skill Level: Low, but starting to get the hang of it

Region: Finland (GMT+3)

#7 Edited by Mutley (350 posts) -

Console: PS3

PSN: Skull_Reaper123

Skill Level: Rookie

Region: UK EDIT: I forgot to mention my timezone being GMT. Apologies!

My copy is sent via Amazon and its not at my house yet, regardless I'm at University right now and will be back around the 19th. That'll probably be when I start playing it.

#8 Posted by PK_Koopa (593 posts) -

Console: 360 (the only one apparently.)

GT: Nocturnal Deity

Skill level: kind of okay-ish (Rookie?)

Region: Britain, GMT.

#9 Edited by Neurotic (635 posts) -

Console: PS3

PSN: NeuroticNumber4

Skill level: 'Decent', I suppose? I've had the game for a couple months now but didn't play online till I got the EU version. I expect my prior experience to be evened out as straight up better fighting game players show up.

Region: UK, GMT

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Console : X360

GT: XenoNick

Skill: Rookie / Somewhat decent. Had the game since yesterday and currently on 11W / 2 L on ranked.

Region: UK GMT

#11 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1161 posts) -

@chibithor: Your Yukiko is pretty good. Did you actually get this today?

#12 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

@irrelevantjohn: I got it early on wednesday and I played a lot the last few days. Took me a bit to get the basics down and my WLR is still something like 5-40 but I think I'm on the right track.

#13 Posted by Petiew (1408 posts) -

Console: PS3

PSN: Petie_w

Skill level: Beginner

Region: UK, GMT

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console: 360

xbox tag: lord_canti91

skill level: rookie (im OK with fighting games just not played arena yet, picking it up tomorrow)

region uk, gmt

has it really died off that much in the rest of the world? i remember hearing that this was the main anime fighter in tournaments

#15 Edited by WarlordPayne (714 posts) -

@lord_canti: There were still some people playing it, though I think most of them were Japanese, but everyone was way too good for any new players to jump in and not get destroyed.

#16 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19832 posts) -

@lord_canti: There were still some people playing it, though I think most of them were Japanese, but everyone was way too good for any new players to jump in and not get destroyed.

Nah, at least on PSN, there really aren't that many Japanese players on (you can recognize them with forward slashes in their titles). Ranked matches aren't too active, but player matches are.

#17 Edited by DazzHardy (984 posts) -

Console: 360

Gamertag: DazzHardy

Skill Level: Low, but I've played a lot of fighters, and I tend to suck at them :D

Region: UK, but I work evenings, so I'm usually playing between 12 and 3, be it am or pm

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Console: PS3

Name: damswedon

Skill Level: low

Region: UK

#19 Edited by Vade (398 posts) -

Console: PS3

Name: NGent

Skill Level: Pretty good.

Region: Finland

#20 Posted by sionweeks (710 posts) -

Console: PS3

PSN: mr_spurs_16

Skill Level: Beginner

Region: Britain, GMT

#21 Posted by RPGee (775 posts) -

Console: PS3

PSN: RPGee11

Skill Level: Beginner

Region: Australia, UST+10:00

#22 Posted by mwng (1036 posts) -

@sameoldstuff very kindly made a community tag for the Xbox a while ago under the name of "GB P4Arena", so suggest befriending that if duders want some 360 folks to play against.

As for me

Console: 360

Gamertag: Mwngy

Skill Level: Terrible

Region: UK, GMT

#23 Posted by BoOzak (1078 posts) -

Console: 360

Gamertag: BoOzAk

Skill Level: Bad

Region: UK, GMT

#24 Posted by Devoid (438 posts) -

Ah. I was waiting for something like this!

Console: PS3
PSN: DevoidElite
Skill Level: More than Average? Probably not
Region: Australia, UTC+10:00

#25 Posted by Sosas (3 posts) -

Console : X360

GT: Sosas95

Skill: Decent

Region: Sweden +1 GMT

#26 Edited by Ghost249 (259 posts) -

I was late on the P4A bandwagon as I was busy playing me some Persona 3 FES and Xenosaga episode 1 (grinding...) so at least I won't be destroyed instantly :|

Console: PS3

PSN: Ghost259

Skill Level: Have some experience in other fighters (Mostly BlazBlue) will probably be terrible at this.

Region: USA, GMT-07:00

#27 Posted by Killercombo (258 posts) -

Console: 360

Gamertage: King of Classy

Skill Level: I am an 09'er and mostly play AE so I don't have much experience with most other games (even though I own/play most of them on the 360)

Region: UK (I play most times/days or when people ask me too.)

#28 Posted by DocHaus (1906 posts) -

Console 360

Gamertag: Kleptobot

Skill Level: Intermediate

Region: 'Murica (EST)

#29 Edited by DocHaus (1906 posts) -

Just played a few rounds with @mwng and @sameoldstuff before my internet had a brief seizure. Connection issues aside it was pretty fun, especially the Labrys/SLabrys back-to-back Brutal Impacts that ended up doing 0 damage.

#30 Posted by sameoldstuff (98 posts) -

Console: 360

Gamertag: sameoldstuff

Skill Level: Beginner+

Region: UK (GMT Time)

As @mwng said in his post, there's a community tag at "GB P4Arena" if anyone would like a convenient method of messaging duders in game/saving friend list space.

I can also record/upload replays if given enough notice.

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I kinda miss this game.

@make_me_mad: Did you get too good for me? I'm considering getting in on the European influx of people, but I'm gonna want some hot Kanji on Kanji action while trying to relearn Yosuke.

#32 Posted by Mustachio (263 posts) -

So I've played with maybe three people from this list so far and it's been great. I decided a while ago that since this is basically my first fighting game that I'd learn Akihiko first and foremost as it would force me to get in real close and learn other characters moves that way. With that said, trying to fight @chibithor when he was using Yukiko earlier today was like trying to beat a wall of fire with a snow cone. Going against @petiew pretty much cemented in my mind that playing Akihiko against a Naoto is some of the best fun you can have in this game at a low level. Even though I've won about two games out of the thirty or so I've played, it's still really entertaining to play, especially the first time you actually plan something in advance, lure the other player into it and successfully execute the moves in time.

Pretty sure I won't be making waves at Evo, though.

#33 Posted by wemibelec90 (2171 posts) -

Console: X360

GT: wemibelec090

Skill Level: Pretty damn terrible, haven't played since US release

Region: USA, CDT

I would love to actually take some time to get deeper into this. Of course, I'm atrocious at fighting games because I haven't played a single one more than maybe five hours total in my life. So, free wins for anyone who fights me. :)

#34 Edited by Petiew (1408 posts) -

@mustachio: Yeah, when you're playing close matches the game is good fun! You should give Chie a try too, she's close range like Akihiko but she has a lot more tools to mess dudes up with! It's a shame hardly anyone picked this up in Europe though, even in the first few days this game was really quiet.

Does anyone play Elizabeth? I've got her garu loops and mind charge combos down, but I'm having trouble actually getting in and starting combos. Any tips?

#35 Posted by Oni (2242 posts) -

I just got this on the 360, I live in The Netherlands so EU people, feel free to add me as the online is pretty dead and I want some fights!

GT: GB Oni

Skill: Bad! But I want to fightssss

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Console: PS3

PSN: Vextroid

Region: Australia (GMT+10)

Skill Level: Beginner.

#37 Posted by ScrabbleUK (2 posts) -

Console: PS3

PSN: ScrabbleUK

Region: UK, GMT

Skill Level: Beginner

#38 Edited by Foolishoverlord (2 posts) -

Hey all. New to Giant Bomb. But wouldn't mind trying to build up the P4A community in EU. Really is dead :-( rarely find ranked matches.

Console: PS3

PSN: Foolishoverlord (tell me your from here if you add me please)

Region UK GMT (more a night owl though, literally midnight onwards ATM)

Skill level: no clue (i can use all characters ok i think, but I've never been good at gauging my skill level....bit over beginner maybe?)

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