Tips on fighting Elizabeth?

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I'm pretty decent at fighting games, and i'm okay at Persona, but every time I fight Elizabeth I just get completely blown up. I'm primarily using Teddie. any advice would be appreciated please.

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If she tries to attack you with Thanatos from long range, best move is just to try to hit him first. Her neutral D attack is unblockable, so it's best to deal a blow to Thanatos to force him to disappear. Plus she's pretty helpless if you can Persona break her.

I don't know much about how to use Teddie, so I can't help you with suggestions specific to him.

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Breaking her Persona will leave her utterly useless then you move in for the kill. She has the lowest health in the game so you should be able to make quick work of her. But beyond that, watch out for her Shuffle Time attack(that grab that gives a status ailment) and her B attack. With Teddie, that baseball bat will probably come in handy.

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