What is the name of the Labrys combat test music (story mode)?

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I swear I've heard that song before, but I can't find it or remember what it's called. You hear it right before the fights in her combat tests. It has elements of Soul Phrase in it, but it's not that song. Music starts at 13:27.

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Danger Zone (not the one by Kenny Loggins):

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@Chaser324 said:

Danger Zone (not the one by Kenny Loggins):

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Don't tell me that it's in the game gallery because I feel that I looked for it there and didn't hear it.

EDIT: Ahah, its the femc boss music from P3P. I knew I had heard it before (sister played girl route and must have overheard it).

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@golguin: I haven't picked up the game yet, but I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot the past few days. So good! Great mixes of the Persona 3/4 greatest hits.

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