Worth Buying P4A for story?

Posted by Brianofthewoods (27 posts) 1 year, 11 months ago

Poll: Worth Buying P4A for story? (49 votes)

Yes 84%
No 16%

I just finished P4G and now i have a hole to fill,

#1 Posted by MeganeAgain (123 posts) -

At the prices it is being sold at now, I think now is as good a time as ever for non-fighting game fans to take a chance on P4A.

Though, if you haven't played through Persona 3 yet, I recommend you do that first. P4A is more of a sequel to P3 than it is to P4.

#2 Posted by LiquidPrince (16249 posts) -

Yes. I mean that was the thing that Jeff enjoyed the most about it. It helps that the fighting engine is really well done as well.

#3 Posted by mwng (964 posts) -

Yes. Unless you're from the EU.

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Oh god, I can't see the results without voting - well, I think I can log out to do so?

Anyway, very interested to see how this vote goes, since it's something I'm planning on doing.

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#6 Posted by hollitz (1687 posts) -


The story is fantastic. I'm just finishing up the last two characters. I've never been a huge fan of fighting games, but I really really like this one, thanks in no small part to the cast of characters. I wouldn't say I'm very good at it (only about a 20% win rate online) but it's the first 2d fighter I've played that I feel like I have a really deep understanding of.

Though if you haven't played Persona 3 first, you might want to consider that. It's 10 bucks on PSN. While the cast isn't quite as strong as Persona 4, the story is pretty great once it gets going. It's a much less forgiving game than Golden, but if you have any interest in where the Persona series is going, you probably need to play 3 and Arena.

#7 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2469 posts) -

Yes you absolutely should.

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